This is your brain on gender identity disorder @Leaf_SG2

Lindsey Spilman

Lindsey Spilman sends sexually abusive messages to  survivors of rape.

Lindsey Spilman sends sexually abusive messages for survivors of rape.

Lindsey Spilman sends sexually abusive messages to survivors of rape.

Enjoy this audio from Lindsay Spilman, a heterosexual woman who suffers from gender identity disorder (by her own statements) and who sexually harasses women on social media.

Having gender identity disorder does not give you the right to sexually harass women.

This is your brain on gender identity disorder, according to Lindsay Spilman.

A female in a relationship with a male is in a heterosexual relationship.

A female in a relationship with a male is in a heterosexual relationship.

mentall illness

Your gender identity disorder doesn’t give you license to sexually harass women. Does it?

Just stop talking.


UPDATE: Lindsey Spillman returns, claiming that women who have been raped are bigots and misogynists for not prosecuting their rapists.



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  1. nuclearnight · ·

    Wow. How fucking weird.

  2. dyksfunctional · ·

    She used up cellphone minutes overseas for this??? That’s commitment tho.
    Seriously… totally committed to being a loon,.

    I just do it every other Thursday night in a trashy Pittsburgh bar. Me and the other loons get together, get a hotel room, dress up, do each others hair, and then HIT THE FUCKING TOWN looking all girly and loony.

    1. She is a crazy heterosexual woman who sends sexually abusive messages to women. One word: THERAPY.

      1. dyksfunctional · ·

        She can call in her therapy and use her minutes more wisely.

      2. LOL!

        The idea that it is somehow “ableist” to not be able to recognize mental illness when it plays out in an anti-social manner strikes me as more pomo bullshit along the lines of “my penis is female.”

        I am for naming things appropriately. Sorry for hurt feels!

  3. Are you sure she’s het? I debated with her in a feminist Facebook group in which she explicitly identified as lesbian. Her main problem with radical feminism seemed to be her belief that rad fems treat sexual orientation as a free choice – an idea that she associates with homophobic people telling her that she could become het if she wanted to. Basically a misunderstanding of political lesbianism, from what I could see.

    On a separate issue, I’m getting uncomfortable with the way mental illness gets thrown around as a pejorative, as though it’s shorthand for harassment or deceit or lack of integrity or just poor reasoning. It’s not. Using the term to insult someone (no matter how appalling their own conduct) seems rather like trying to insult someone by accusing them of having diabetes.

    1. Mental illness means mental illness. Go read her Twitter. I am not saying she has a mental illness as a put down. I am saying it based on observable facts. In addition to having a mental illness, she is abusive.

      She is a woman who has stated she has had relationships with transwomen (men). That’s heterosexual behavior. I don’t frankly care to inquire further, as she is violent and mentally ill.

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