Navel Gazing

I listen to music that is “not Feminist.” 

I know that it is “not Feminist.” I still like it.

I eat meat, although I was a vegetarian for many years.

I drive a car.

I have a chronic medical condition.

I forget to turn off the lights sometimes when I leave a room (I do recycle, though.)

I have not yet been to the Michigan Women’s Music Festival (but I am going this year).

I buy my dogs from breeders.

I am not a fan of the Indigo Girls (even before they gave in to Trans Activists).

I think this is hilarious.

I am Female.

I am White.

I am 42.

I have given birth to two children.

I am a child of immigrant parents.

I am the only person in my immediate family to graduate from college.

I am a product of parents with Union jobs.

I am a product of middle and high school drop outs.

I am a “masculine appearing Woman.”

I have been mistaken for male my whole life in certain circumstances, even when I had long hair.

I have been in an abusive relationship.

I have been assaulted.

I come from a poor economic background.

I am now well-off financially.

Have you learned something about me?

Do you know me now?

Do you need to learn more?

Can you put me in some order?

Do we need to do this with each Human on the planet so that we can put all Humans in order of most oppressed?

(Some of these things are not like the others).

Do you see how productive this is?

I’m already bored.

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