Listen To What Men Tell You

I recently finished the book The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker. A feminist friend suggested I read it because of the online harassment I get from Men (and Women, even from “Feminists”). I commend it to you, it’s a good read (oh and there’s a discussion of “sociopaths” in there for all of you who think I am a sociopath. Sadly, there is no discussion of mandaters or whatever other thing I am supposed to be today).

One of the messages of the book is to listen to your intuition. If someone makes your creep-dar go off, honor that (oh and also, if you think I am a creep, honor that and don’t talk to me. PLEASE). Listen to what people tell you. On the Internet, that means “Read the words that person with the My Little Pony avatar writes.” Don’t make excuses for what people say, and don’t project onto the words what you THINK a person is feeling.

Read what they say and understand what it means.

If you do that, the creepy violence of the average transwoman troll is pretty obvious. Like this conversation!!!


Hai, I know you see a Little Pony avatar, but I am actually a creepy man who sees nothing wrong with transwomen arming themselves with weapons used to kill bears.

Transwomen (or, as we also call them, Men who think they are Women) reveal themselves easily when they troll Feminists online.  They start with the “you are a meanie because you don’t respect my penis as female.” Then they bring out the brain scan. Then they accuse Women of being “biological determinists” for knowing female reproduction exists. And they hand wave away anything that counters their “arguments” (like billions of Women, for example).

They don’t accept a “difference of opinion.” They will troll you until you submit. In short, they are rank creeps.  They make the hairs on the back of my ladylike neck stand up.

And what do Women do in response?

Women are groomed from birth to accommodate Men. That’s what we are taught to do. The way that this plays out when transwomen speak online is that we (collectively, individual results clearly vary) actually give them the time of day – no matter how delusional a statement is.

We don’t actually have to do this.

This is reflected in another lesson from DeBecker’s book – Women can say no.

Forcefully, fully, firmly.

No is a complete sentence.

Saying “No” forms the foundation of my political activism.

Indeed, if women cannot say No, what else is there?

Women have a 100% right to establish a boundary.

And when Men who think they are Women repeatedly DENY Women’s ability to establish a boundary, to say No, I am VERY curious about you. Because I am curious about what kind of fucked up person doesn’t take no for an answer.

Let’s see… what kind of Men don’t take no for answer.

I think we all know the answer to that.

So, Women, honor your critical inner voice that says “this man/transwoman/pony is a crazy asshole.”

Because he is.

And no amount of manipulation saying that you are mean for not validating his delusional belief system changes that.


    1. Is that ok? Will remove if not.

      1. Yes, always ok.

  1. Yes. “No” is an operative word. Never let anyone make you think otherwise.

  2. Annie O. Nymous · ·

    I love how you include proof that you’re lying. The conversation is clearly about flashbangs and handguns for self-defense, which are NOT for killing bears. The flashbangs are designed for SCARING bears, and the handguns are designed for wounding a violent attacker. There’s nothing wrong with protecting yourself from assault.

    1. You dudes live on a crazy planet. Go live THERE and leave the rest of alone. THANKS.

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