Real Talk

“To have your cock cut off and then plead special privileges as women – above natural-born women, who don’t know the meaning of suffering, apparently – is a bit like the old definition of chutzpah: the boy who killed his parents and then asked the jury for clemency on the grounds he was an orphan.”




  1. I can’t decide who is more ridiculous? The grown ass perverted males who call themselves women or the self hating, common sense impaired handmaidens. I’m talking about the comments of course.

    My only quibble with the article is that most of the girl-wannabes still have their wieners…they haven’t had their “ladystick” chopped off.

  2. I find myself looking for an analogy, some way to express what’s happening here. A tiny oppressed minority group (.O3% of the population) is hijacking an enormous very seriously oppressed group (half the world population). The second group finds itself being marginalized, otherized (“cis”), intimidated, dominated, silenced with threats, overwhelmed by the aggression and hierarchical organization. The rest of the world says duh and follows the loudest voice, as usual. Immense harm is done. Women have to fight aggression with aggression to some extent, in self-defense. We must point out that these folks have serious mental health issues, should be protected under disability laws rather than civil rights laws, are in some cases violent in their suppressive efforts, and are impressing complete delusions on the mainstream. This liberal relativism, rolling over for anyone who claims a handicap, is starting to look clownish and to really hurt women.

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