Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate For President, On Trans Issues

Subtitle: “Cathy Brennan vs. Monica Roberts.”

Jill Stein appears uninformed – like many people, so this isn’t a dig at her – about the conflict between legal protections based on sex and those based on gender identity. In this piece on Forbes.com, Dr. Stein indicates that believes that the concerns around sex segregated spaces will be “worked out.”  She also indicates that incarcerated men should have “sex changes” if their doctors order it. “We don’t strip people of their humanity because they wound up in prison,” she said.

Unfortunately, that’s PRECISELY what prisons do to prisoners. And I agree that it shouldn’t be that way. HOWEVER, Robert Kosilek murdered his wife and now gets to have his penis removed in anticipation of being housed with…wait for it…women.  And denying him this is somehow an 8th Amendment violation because denying him penis-removal surgery and housing with women is “cruel and unusual punishment”?

And the conflict between sex and gender will only be “worked out” if lawmakers and policy makers evince the will to stand up to the Transgender/GLBT Movement and say “Enough.”

To date, that has not happened.

I won’t be voting Green.

Robert Kosilek is a murderer.


  1. Catherine Ditheridge · ·

    Of course you wont be voting green, the green party support equality, you do not.

    1. Does “equality” include the equal right of a man to beat up on women? Why do you support violence against women?

      “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” Anatole France

      Fuck your equality.

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  3. Lysandra · ·

    definitely uninformed. Notice how she keeps redirecting it subtly to homosexuality (gay-bashing, same sex marriage, etc.) which I think is because she just has no idea about this at all.

    Is it just me or is it odd to see an old white dude talking about “Cathy Brennan and Monica Roberts”? lol.

    Stein seems like a smart woman… I’m going to hope that she is going to go Google this now that she’s been asked about it, and that she’ll come down on the side of females. But it does impact my previous certainty about voting Green…

    1. Yes, I also found that funny, although I was grateful to him that he reached out to me.

      1. Lysandra · ·

        yeah, so often we are caricatured and/or misrepresented and not given the opportunity to comment. I just now read the whole article he wrote on Forbes–that quote from you was perfect.

      2. Inch by inch…

  4. She doesn’t seem very well informed about the subject, but I must admit, I never thought that the trans stuff would be so awful for lesbians several years ago. You really have to follow this very carefully to understand how women repeatedly give up our rights to every group under the sun BUT lesbians.
    It’s a constant theme of lesbians having trouble creating and keeping safe space and places for lesbians…. who would have thought the NY Dyke march would have allowed trans onto the planning committee. So someone could follow up with Stein to get her more info.

    1. I tweeted at her. I am not a Green, but I encourage pro-woman Green Party activists to follow up.

  5. hearthrising · ·

    It’s a positive development that this issue is spreading out of its feminist niche enough for a presidential candidate to be quizzed on it. I did not think Stein sounded uninformed. I think she sounded unconcerned about women’s rights.

    1. That’s depressing, isn’t it?

  6. While I agree that prisoners should not have any rights or privileges. You act almost as if Transsexuals are a lesser form of life than you. Frankly I believe someone should have to wait until they get out of prison to transition, and that they should not get taxpayer paid surgeries, but you act as if we are just confused men.

    1. Not confused men. Just men.

    2. “While I agree that prisoners should not have any rights or privileges.”
      On what basis? On the basis that prisoners “surrender their rights”? That’s nonsense.

      “You act almost as if Transsexuals are a lesser form of life than you.”
      “Almost”? So you understand that we actually believe trans people are equal to us? Or were you just trying to be nice?

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