Powerful Trans DJ Mandisha Oi Mysize Dextrous Cannot Stand That Women Call Him Male, Gets Thread Deleted

So Catherine Ditheridge left a few nasty comments on my blog, which led to this exchange on my Facebook page.  A DJ called Mandisha Oi Mysize Dextrous jumped in, completely irate because we didn’t recognize him as a woman. He did, however, apparently get the thread deleted right quick.

Here is some of the thread, before Mandisha Oi Mysize Dextrous got the plug pulled!  Because we don’t believe men can be women, Mandisha Oi Mysize Dextrous somehow got Facebook to delete the thread almost instantly.

It’s kind of scary, actually.

His DJ skills are bangin’, though.

Oh and by the way… This Is What Male Privilege Looks Like.


And sounds like.


  1. Catherine Ditheridge · ·

    Actually I got the thread deleted as it was in breach of facebook rules you agreed to when you signed up

    1. Oh which rule is that? The rule that says women must recognize men as female?

      This is male privilege.

      1. Catherine Ditheridge · ·

        Attacking people based on gender expression. I thought you were an attorney; surely you didn’t agree to the rules without reading them?

      2. No one is attacking you for your “gender expression,” sir. Express your gender all you like!

    2. Here’s a simple question: why do you want to be a woman when you obviously have such contempt for them?

  2. Catherine Ditheridge · ·

    also nice selective copypasta, i notice a lot of the discussion isn’t here

    1. Um, yeah, I am sure that’s intentional, and not a result of my quickly copypasting what I could in response to your male friend’s threat to have the thread deleted because he’s a BFD.

      This is male privilege.

      You are male.


  3. Catherine Ditheridge · ·

    You are a mean and vindictive non-feminist

    1. You can say that, and, yet, it’s not true.

      You are male. And that’s a fact.

  4. Catherine Ditheridge · ·

    You can say that and yet its not true (also nice use of commas)

    1. Sure dude. For someone so confident in his womanhood, you sure do spend a lot of time insisting that you are FEMALE to strangers on the internet for some reason.

      1. Catherine Ditheridge · ·

        I feel really sorry for you. I cant help but try to change your misguided opinions.

      2. Rapey prick is rapey.

        No means no.

        Just go away! Thanks.


    1. What are you going to report me for, sir?

  6. You listen to me Madam. My name is Hannah, I am 31 and I am from the UK. I am female with cerebral palsy. I can’t walk, but can think for myself. I went to uni and have a degree in English and Sociology.

    I support women’s rights, I believe in them passionately.I hate rape and abuse, having been abused myself when I was young. You are clearly a woman of sharp intellect, but you waste all your time on a stupid, playground war.

    I trust you can dress yourself in the morning, put yourself to bed and speak. I cannot do two of those three things Therefore, you are luckier than me. Yet, instead of fighting for equality, you are stoking division for your own ends.

    Why can’t you live and let live? Nobody is stopping you as feminists from doing what you want, indeed this very blog is proof of that.

    It is MEN who oppress women yes. I agree. They use women sometimes for sexual gratification only. But it takes two to tango here. I implore you, listen to what I have said, before you trot out your male pronouns, calling me a he etc.

    That doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that being a woman comes from the heart and soul, not biology only. Biology gave you babies, but not emotions, standpoints and feelings?

    No one has the right to tell me what I can and cannot do. You do not own me, and you should not stop me from living my life, and owning my identity. It is because you are not trans, you don’t get it. I hope you never face the issue, as you have the empathy of grasshoppers.

    1. Live and let live? Um, your friend is a prick who thinks he has a right to run roughshod over women. HE is the one who cannot live and let live. TALK TO HIM.


      1. I would never ride roughshod over anyone dear, not even in my wheelchair. SHE is a friend and has a right to be respected. Genuinely explain why you cannot live with that. Is it because this is something that breaks through the biological barrier.

      2. HE might be your friend, but HE is male. I have done nothing to impede HIS life. Cheers.

    2. Oh, you are also a trans woman, is that right?

      Fuck you, sir.

  7. Ha you just called me a trans woman. Fuck you is a good refuge when you’ve lost an argument.

    1. Um, sure dude.

    2. Yisheng Qingwa · ·



    1. No problem, you are a proper male asshole, but a fine DJ, sir!

  9. Becky Green · ·

    Biology trumps wishes and fantasies. At this point in time, it’s medically impossible to change one’s sex. Society doesn’t have to conform to a person’s delusions.

  10. ha haa you know nothing about me jog on low life at least i am prettier than u more talented than u and more of a feminist than you will ever be

    1. Oh, no doubt you are “prettier” than me, how else will people “know” you are “a woman.”

      And yes, it’s quite “feminist” to belittle other women for not being “feminist” enough, you are practically Andrea Dworkin!

    2. Becky Green · ·

      Awww, the man child that had 100 surgeries thinks he’s “prettier” than Cathy. Dream on, dude! You merely have the facade of a woman, Cathy is the real deal and her feminine bone structure didn’t come from a scalpel or a fucking bone grinder.

      1. Aww, bless, that’s sweet. I don’t care if he’s prettier than me, he has probably spent thousands to look “that pretty.” Because that is what “being a woman” is all about.

  11. michelle · ·

    It never ceases to amaze me how they want to be called women and take umbrage at their male histories being pointed out as fact but yet, at the same time are more than willing to abuse the living shit out of their male privilege to try and tell females what to do or how to act.

    Cathy, you have much more patience with their bullshit than I do…but I definitely applaud you for continuing to call them out on it. We can only hope that the irony of their abuses of privilege highlighted here and elsewhere are finally noticed by the various legislatures who will finally put a foot down to the claim that ‘gender identity’ must be recognized as a protected class and start writing laws that make sense.

    1. Hope springs eternal. Thanks.

  12. ha haaaa tooo funny !

    1. Yey for laughter!

    2. For the record, this DJ is better than you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgd6MwoEqiM

  13. cool i think he’s shit but hey each to there own opinion apart from yours i don’t buy it thanks for the laughs though you really know how to make an idiot of yourself

    1. Sure I do, sir. Please keep talking, it is helpful.

    2. Becky Green · ·

      Yo, dude, take a breather. Isn’t it time for your daily mangina dilation?

      1. LMFAO.

  14. Being a woman is not about spending thousands I agree, it is about conviction, courage and standing up to patriarchy and the glass ceiling. It is about finding Leda and the Swan disgusting and hating violations of womankind, or indeed mankind. But, transwomen have to work to attain what non trans women have from birth. For the record, I have never spent thousands, I don’t have it to spend.

    1. No, being a woman is being born female.

      You are male.

      1. flyingontherainbow · ·

        Can you really claim though Cathy, that somebody can be defined by arbitrary biology which they have no control over, rather than lived, felt experience which they do?

        I have never felt male, and never will. No words from you, no chastisement, no swearing can ever change that. Seriously. You can’t stop my feelings. Your belief system is one approach, but it is not the only one.

        I have cerebral palsy (quadriplegia). I have no control over that but I do have over my gender. When being trans was a mental illness, I guess it was easier to dismiss trans men and women as loonies. Now we are entering into the mainstream, and I suspect that is what makes you angry.

      2. I don’t think biology “defines” anyone. Biology is. I can’t identify my way out of having a period, being vulnerable to getting pregnant. Those things just *are.* Those things don’t *define* who I am – except, in Patriarchy, they are used to define me. That is what Feminists work AGAINST. What Trans people to is celebrate this system by saying that there are ways of being defined – except you think that by subverting that definitions (that is, by switching up the stereotypes) you are somehow radical. You are not. It’s the same old gender shit. It’s the same old trap.

        You are male. Good for you how you feel, but your feelings are irrelevant. Sex is not a belief system.

        What makes me angry is that Trans people DISRESPECT WOMEN. Misogyny makes me angry.

      3. flyingontherainbow · ·

        Cathy, I hate patriarchy too. It is a disgusting cancer of society. I am far from stereotypical, my disability is proof positive of that. I agree we live in a society where there is a prominent glass ceiling, where r*pe is excused by a dominant male patriarchal group. Many dice are loaded against women I agree, the thing is for me with power Cathy, I have never wanted it because as a young disabled male even I would never have had it. This society is fucked up, with dice loaded against every society. But I want to be part of the solution, not the problem. Before transition, one of my lecturers called me the only male feminist she had ever met. Interesting huh? I know I am not radical. I don’t pretend to be. I am just happier in my own skin that I ever was previously.

      4. Then stop saying you are a woman. You aren’t. Yey for happy!

      5. flyingontherainbow · ·

        Cathy, I can’t do that any more than you could fancy a man. I am happy because I am a woman, not in spite of it. I do give a shit about “actual women”as you put it. The majority of my friends are women and I am proud to be one.

      6. False equivalence is false. Lesbians are women. Women can be lesbian. http://bugbrennan.com/2012/09/06/when-i-grow-up-i-want-to-be-a-lesbian/

        Men cannot be women. Cheers.

      7. flyingontherainbow · ·

        But I am not a man. I identify as a woman, always have done and always will because I am proud of myself, and proud of womankind in general. All my friends are LGBT and they accept me as a woman, and never perceive me as male.

      8. “Woman” is not an identity, sir. Good luck to you!

      9. flyingontherainbow · ·

        Gender is a social construct, and we can interpret it as we wish. Don’t call me sir, we were having a respectful and constructive dialogue. You’re not sir, Hannah is a legal name so nor am I. I respect your views, I know why you hold them, but they can be hurtful.

      10. Gender is not SEX, sir. Your penis is not a “social construct,” sir.

        And no, it is wholly DISRESPECTFUL for men like you to tell women what being a woman means.

      11. flyingontherainbow · ·

        I haven’t told you Cathy. I told you what it means to me. What it comes down to is whether we can dissociate the penis from its phallic, primal, patriarchal connotations, which are primitive, and often used by patriarchal men to subordinate women which I abhor.

      12. What it “means to you” is irrelevant. Your thoughts on Sex don’t change what sex is.


      13. flyingontherainbow · ·

        Aside from the trans stuff, I hate the oppression of all women that has been metred out by men for years. It stinks.

      14. Trans stuff is gender. Gender is oppressive to women.

      15. flyingontherainbow · ·

        I am just explaining my general viewpoint. Labels oppress everyone. I feel my skin on the back of my neck tingle when someone describes me as the wheelchair. In many ways, being a woman is much harder than being a man due to their stronger physicality. But it is up to us as women to take a stand and make our voices heard. I’d have thought you would be glad of the support from women and like minded men.

        I just wondered whether you respect me or not?

      16. I respect you as a human. You aren’t a woman.

      17. flyingontherainbow · ·

        I am though you see, otherwise why would I put myself out there? It’s not easy being trans, nor a woman. We are both in the same boat. We have common ground.

      18. No, you are not a woman and you are not a lesbian. Cheers.

      19. flyingontherainbow · ·

        My friends say I am

      20. Your friends will lie to you. They are your friends.

      21. flyingontherainbow · ·

        My friend said:

        Just tell her if she can be born a lesbian and everybody accepts that, then you can be born a woman, and if she doesn’t like it she can go back into her pit.

        She’s lesbian too.

      22. Women are capable of undermining women’s liberation. Sorry about your friend. She sounds as deluded as you, sir.

      23. PS – My girlfriend says you are a man.

      24. flyingontherainbow · ·

        Happy for her. I’m not exactly surprised. She’s your girlfriend

      25. She’s also a woman. Unlike you, sir.

      26. Sex is not an identity. Sorry about your dick.

      27. flyingontherainbow · ·

        Me too. We can agree on that

      28. flyingontherainbow · ·

        I hate it.

      29. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

        Pretty cut and dry, isn’t it? Unless you’re a delusional Narcissistic male…

  15. missann thrope · ·

    i am truly disgusted by the confrontational and deliberately hurtful comments expressed by the author. she is a disgrace and a gender traitor. just putting that out there. not going to get sucked into a row, as i refuse to stoop to her level. no more oxygen.

    1. michelle · ·

      so to paraphrase Clayton Williams and apply it here, if the abuse of male privilege is inevitable, females are supposed to just relax and enjoy it?

      I fail to see how any female would get offended by Cathy calling people out on their bullshit. I also don’t agree with any premise that suggests the comments are ‘deliberately hurtful.’ Stating fact is stating fact…and one of the controlling _facts_ to threads like this is that males have abused their male privilege while in the course of claiming to be upset at the fact being pointed out that they are, in fact, male…no matter how much they may seek to alter their outward appearances. Perhaps if they would quit trying to abuse said privilege after they claim their speshul snowflake status, they wouldn’t find themselves all splayed out on various websites…just a hint.

    2. Yisheng Qingwa · ·


  16. Bugbrennen your a disgusting excuse for a human being you should not be allowed this site to spread your hateful poison with! you should be shut down! yours sincerely A.WOMAN

    1. Please tell me specifically what is “poison.” Is it saying that men cannot be women?

    2. I agree with her.
      yours sincerely A.WOMAN.

  17. I just realized the irony of calling up abuses of male privileges (in people who quit possibly for all you know never exercised any of said privileges) whilst a the same time attacking peoples very identities with an aggression not unlike that which characterizes the male privilege you claim to fight. You aren’t practicing feminism, you are practicing misandy. From a lesbian feminist.

    1. I think you mean “misandry.”

      And your sequence of events is wrong. Unsurprisingly.

      1. Can’t believe your still waffling on with this . You in no way are feminist your just a very sad excuse for a female with nothing better to do than spread hatred . Grow up learn to let be n give up on you selfish personal gain for acceptance . I am more than well excepted as a strong female in this world n I won’t let anything you say or do change that . If this carry’s on I will just get your blog shut down by WordPress not because u offend me but due to your gender discriminative statements oh n by the way I have not spent a penny to be this way in the uk we are well recognised in a medical sense n we get the help we need for free on the nhs . You think I am stupid ?

      2. That’s nice.

      3. Mandi, discussion of FACT (ie. that you are MALE) is NOT an instance of someone having sought to ‘spread hatred.’

        I believe I will concede your admission that ” I am more than well excepted as a strong female in this world n I won’t let anything you say or do change that.” As demonstrated here, it is clear that you are excepted from the common notions of woman and female. That is a very different situation than being ACCEPTED. That you recognize the difference is a good thing. Words have meaning.

        And there are no ‘gender discriminative’ statements being proffered here. There is no obligation for females to accept a male as either a woman or as anything other than a male in female-face (to borrow from the generally held notions of ‘black-face’). We aren’t the ones uttering threats of harm (ie. the whole ‘die cis scum’ mantra that your ilk is/was so fond of). We aren’t the ones forcing ourselves into female-segregated spaces for the sake of exposure in front of high school female athletes (see the Colleen Francis incident as the most recent example). We ARE the ones who have elected to push-back on the nonsense that is being foisted upon a public that previously did not understand just what a perversion of the notions of male and female was taking place.

        That you now make threats to try and “shut down” that which you disagree with is a totally male response when females call you on your bullshit. Fortunately, in the United States, we are permitted to have an opinion by which we are permitted to call people on their bullshit…and I applaud Cathy for having the platform by which we exercise that right to hold an opinion in this particular arena.

      4. Becky Green · ·

        “I am more than well excepted as a strong female in this world”

        That line jumped out at me too. What a Freudian Slip! Even he doesn’t believe he’s actually a woman. And now, for dramatic effect, here’s the classic definition we all know and love.

        Freudian slip: an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.

        Mandi, be honest with yourself and others. Just call yourself a “man presenting as woman” or a “feminine man” and stop the charade. It’s ok to be a feminine man for God’s sake. Femininity is a choice, female is not!

    2. “From a lesbian feminist”.

      It’s not nice to appropriate lesbian or feminist. You’re neither. You’re another male who wishes he had a box and runs around the internets pretending to be a woman. You probably claim to be a straight woman from time as well. Men are so insane!!

      1. What’s a box?

  18. Greetings from a proud and active self identifying feminist. Trans-gender or not, one of the biggest leaps Feminism has taken in recent years is the inclusion of males into the fight. Feminism now is more about changing attitudes then a legal battle. Your comments are a disgrace and I hope people realise this DOES NOT REPRESENT THE VIEW OF FEMINISTS AS A WHOLE. I suggest you stop reading Dworkin (I don’t deny she did have her place in the grand scheme of things) and actually update your views into the modern age.

    1. I am guessing you have never actually read Andrea Dworkin, you crazy club kid.

      Also, is it “primitive” to know males cannot be female? Tell me more.

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  20. Awww bless he DID comment on my blog! Oh and I PUBLISHED it. So what are you crying about, sir? That I don’t want to talk to you? http://bugbrennan.com/2012/01/10/gender-identity/#comment-2967

  21. Awwww sadly your just mad she makes a better woman than you. Stay mad bitch xoxo

    1. I agree, he excels at woman face.

    2. Becky Green · ·

      Welcome to the Transland concept of beauty.

      Transland, where broad shouldered, narrow hipped, statuesque women are frequently 6′ tall and have no aversion to silicone enhancements. Who flaunt their new heels and their freshly shaved tracheas while sashaying down the avenue. And, let’s not forget those wacky, wide hipped Transland men. Who stand tall upon their newly acquired male status, just not taller than 5’5″, on average. They, whose handsome neck beards and T-induced layer of visceral fat say, “I am MAN, hear me ROAR!” Truly, humans have reached the zenith of beauty.

      Bro, your slip is showing.

  22. “gender traitors” I like it. Rad fems should totally adopt this.

  23. Sorry, but SHE is a FEMALE – it’s awful that you are referring to her as male! How hurtful could a person get?

      1. No, she’s female! How would you like it if I set up a page insisting that you’re male!
        If transgenderism wasn’t “real” it wouldn’t be a medically recognised birth defect! Get a grip lady!

      2. I would not care.

        Being male is not a birth defect.

  24. Whoever writes this blog, don’t know, don’t care. Found the link via Facebook. You are a horrible, close-minded, sexist moron. You belong with the religious nuts and misogynists.

    1. It is “sexist” to say men can be women by putting on a dress and having their penis removed.

      It’s not a right-wing viewpoint to care about actual women. Right wingers generally don’t give a shit about actual women. Trans is a deeply conservative political ideology. Try this: http://bugbrennan.com/2012/10/03/hello-orwell/

      1. There’s a difference between a man or a woman who likes to dress up on their night-offs for a “thrill” (called a CROSS-DRESSER/FETISHIST) and a TRANSGENDERED INDIVIDUAL who, as i have already corrected you, have a recognised medical condition by which affects hormone development in the womb. Calling a transsexual individual by their opposite pronoun to their gender is offensive, bigoted, and ignorant beyond belief.

        Why would the NHS fund hundreds of thousands of pounds for corrective hormones and surgeries if it was simply a “whim of a confused person”?

        Why have scientific experiments proven that transsexual BRAINS are identical in every aspect to the gender they feel they are?

        Why, despite your Nazi-like ramblings spewn over the face of the internet, have you not made the slightest difference to the world we live in?

        But, as you said, you “don’t care” about the science.

      2. Oh, Godwin’s law, how thrilling.

        Because the government has given in to a powerful lobby comprised mostly of men.

        Also, Zombie, on BRAINS, try Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine.

      3. Shane, I would opine that Cathy and people like her have indeed ‘made a difference to the world we live in’ by virtue of the very fact that we now have legislators and the general public waking up to the fact that they were passing things that made no sense. Calling attention to the fact that judges are letting people possessing functional male genitalia change ID in a manner that gives them access to female-segregated space and that a male is NOT a female (and vice versa) is NOT a bad thing. Few females want males in their private spaces. Women understand this. Trans* never has and never will because it gets in the way of their agenda…

        In almost every instance of the attempts to legislate ‘gender identity,’ we have seen the trans* lobby trying to ride on the coattails of the gay and lesbian population and claim that sex and gender are the same thing and must be similarly legislated. Sex and gender are NOT the same thing, nor does any amount of legislative or surgical gymnastics make a male into a female. But in their continued efforts to claim that recognition of trans* is a civil rights or human rights issue, the males in woman-face have managed to try and keep their focus away from issues that face females on a daily basis (you know, that pesky reproductive rights thing that men don’t give two shits about nor do the trans* since it doesn’t impact their lives either).

        Oh, and the issues of brain differences or pre-natal washings are little more than unproven theory with limited sampling sizes. And while biological science is not my field, if the whole ‘in the womb’ thing for trans* made sense, then I doubt we would be seeing so many middle-aged male to trans who had been married and impregnated their spouses multiple times over…

  25. I disagree, and fyi, I have never met an anti-trans person in my life, and have been a transgendered boy since I understood that there was a difference between boy and girl as a child.

    All I have ever had is love and support from my family and friends.

    This is the first website I have ever seen dedicated to twisting the transgender phenomenon, making it appear evil or something.

    When I told Brennan that my mother supports me and acknowledges that I am a boy, she replied with “i don’t believe you” and other hurtful things like “are you sad you have a vagina”.

    My response is no, I’m not sad Brennan. I am the happiest I have ever been knowing that I have had help and support to become the man I am today.

    As the owner of this site is a lesbian, I can only hope that her parents accepted her for who SHE is.

    1. Yes. My mother thinks you’re a confused woman.

    2. Your mother has bought into gender roles. What a surprise!

      Why did you think we’d be startled by this revelation?

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