Ida E. Hammer SPINS


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  1. radicalwoman · ·

    Hmm, only about 30 seconds long, hmm? Seems like an AWFUL lot is left out. Maybe everything they don’t want everyone to see?

    1. And posted by Hammer’s own laydee fingers, I am told.
      So if that was the ‘best bit’ to make Hammer look good, I am looking forward to the rest of it where, head tilting and pearl clutching aside, Hammer may not come off looking that good.

      It was quite a spin job to go from “poor widdle transwoman too afraid to speak up” (now deleted post, but living on in screencaps) to “official TW delegation to stop Brennan et al murdering us with their words”. Personally laydees, I would be more worried about dudely fists rather than radfem words, the former considerably more lethal.

      Whilst on the topic of spin, the best LOL spin to come out of Camp Trans of late is the one that holds radfems accountable for the violence that menz do to transwomen. Considering most men won’t listen to any female, let alone a radical feminist, I remain perplexed at this correlation.

      1. radicalwoman · ·

        Shhhhhh you do not see the male violence behind the curtain, ignore the male violence behind the curtain! You only see the monstrous exaggerated demonized blown-up image of the terrible radfemcathybrennanshielajeffries monster! Ignore that male violence behind the curtain!

  2. Okay I’m a terrible person because the first thing I notice is the bad logic. According to one link, the reason which explains why transitioning males should have access to female only space is because they’re afraid of men getting all rapey and assaulty in spaces where males are allowed. And yet in their next breath they say that the rapey language used in the “cotton ceiling” shouldn’t be perceived as a credible threat. It just makes no sense… If they don’t consider the rapey language used in the “cotton ceiling” to be threatening language, then what exactly would they consider to be threatening language? Really, what?

    These kids won’t remember a phrase repeated with alarming frequency 30 years ago: You cannot rape the willing. At that time is was used as an excuse by rapists. Supposedly any women who claimed to be raped couldn’t really have been raped because according to the rapist, she was a willing participant to a consensual encounter.

    Well guess what, today it has the same meaning: You cannot rape the willing. I would truly like to know what it is that they would describe as “rapey language”. I suspect many of them have already been raped multiple times and can’t even recognize their groomed-into-compliant behavior as rape. Even a dog can be trained to wag it’s tail as it’s being beaten. Apparently they are too stupid to know this.

    It’s like they take everything at face value as if two-faced disingenuous people don’t exist. They think that If somebody smiles at them it’s because the person likes them, and if somebody frowns at them it’s because the person hates them. They are seriously freaking stupid. I refer to them as kids because I’m so much older and more experienced, but in reality they’re probably at least 25 — old enough to have passed the developmental stage of a two-year old who still believes in Santa Clause.

    Anyway, I’m sorry they did this and I hope Cathy et al have recovered.

    1. And, if they’re not afraid of rapey language or men with penises (or even if they’re not afraid of women with penises, to use their terminology) then why do they even want in women-only spaces at all?

      Wouldn’t they happier spending their time at places where people with penises are roaming freely? Oh but wait, they say that the reason they want in woman-only space is because people with penises are a threat! And then they claim that other women who are afraid of people with penises AREN’T ALLOWED to be afraid! They’ve become the thought police, except they don’t actually think very well.

      1. As they like to say, intent isn’t fucking magic, unless apparently it’s the intent of a trans woman.

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