Joelle Ruby Ryan – Because You Lecture on Women’s Issues

You idiot.

Because you lecture to women on women’s issues, and you cannot be assed to call out blatant misogyny.

Because you discuss student work on your Facebook page. Because you are ahistorical. Because you think women should die because they disagree with you.

Because females aren’t allowed to meet and discuss things without you! Says you! Because we couldn’t possibly need to meet without you!

And we will call out your bullshit, all day, every day, as long as we have eyes with which to see and ears with which to hear.


  1. Mary Sunshine · ·

    Ah, yes, one of those XY chromosomed “women”.

    Somebody gave them an inch and now we’re trying to grab back the mile that they took.

  2. The hate, is just dripping out of this article.

    1. Not hate. Disgust. You think Joelle’s actions are appropriate?

  3. Joelle’s actions are absolutely horrendous. Why is that person still in a place of authority?

    1. The trans activists seem to be missing a CRITICAL fact in why I specifically call out Joelle’s bullshit – she is a teacher of women’s studies. She isn’t a clerk in a grocery store, or an accounting prof – she teaches women’s studies. HELLO FOLKS – SHE IS USING HER POSITION OF AUTHORITY TO PUSH HER AGENDA ON STUDENTS – AND APPARENTLY GIVING THEM BAD GRADES WHEN THEY DISAGREE WITH HER ANALYSIS. And the sharing student work on Facebook? Indefensible.

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