Male Mocks Female For Fearing Weapons: Michael Amper AKA Gemma Seymour Amper “I like that you fear me.”

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I don’t know a single Female who would say this.

And Females are wrong for noticing trans women are different because…?

More on this person.


  1. RoseVerbena · ·

    He’s pretty much a weak, pathetic bully acting all macho on-line while trying to force everyone to call him “she” and pretend we think he’s a “woman”. YAWN.

  2. Nicky · ·

    You can see his male Privilege and it’s so glaring that you can see it from a mile away

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  4. Male priviledge? Oh , will you get off that tired cross! (Someone clearly needs the wood.) The wholly ironic part is that weapons , in particular firearms, have in many cases allowed women to defend themselves against unwanted aggression from males,females and whoever else who may be of a larger size, and possessing greater physical strength who attempt to force themselves on said women. But you know, instead of arguments being based solidly in factual evidence , what I’m gathering here is that much of the illogical and overly emotional prattle here is somehow based on that fallacious FBI report that suppossedly states that women are more likely to the victims of violence from a firearm if that is a firearm in their place of residence. However, this is in FACT, complete and utter horseshit.

    1. Oh yes, let’s reject FBI data in favor of what “Zeke” says.

  5. Pathetic. You rely on ad hominem and can’t even put forth a half baked retort based in reality.

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