Omnivorous white Probably Agnostic Girl Fails @ “sex vs. gender”


[trigger warning: anti-trans language, anti-feminist language]
From a published ask: 

What could trans*women do to help “our” struggle without dismissing their identities?

They could acknowledge they are not female and females have a right to set a boundary.

This woman, Cathy Brennan, has to be one of the most vile people claiming to be feminist I have yet to run across. What the actual fuck.

More of the ask was about bathrooms.

Perhaps Brennan would be interested to know my personal experiences with bathrooms. I am a cis white undergrad at Berkeley. I am in the dorms. Unit 3 to be precise. I am on a co-ed floor. The bathrooms are co-ed. As in there aren’t sex specific bathrooms on the floor or in the building.

But the point is that for a good 9 months we’ve all been peeing in the same bathrooms. No one’s head has exploded. No one has fainted. And no one has been assaulted in the bathrooms.

So, I am forced to conclude that denying trans women the right to pee in the women’s bathrooms keeps cis women safer. If cis boys and cis girls can pee in the same bathroom without the world coming to an end then well trans girls should be just fine.

Brennan is also an idiot because she refuses to consider the fact that trans women face real danger. She’s also a misogynist and dangerous to all women. What she’s advocating is a strict policing of gender expression/presentation. 

What happens if you aren’t immediately recognizable as woman? What about the butch lesbians? The dykes? Genderqueers? Anyone who isn’t femme? Where ya gonna draw the line, bitch? You’re suggesting, Cathy Brennan, that you should have the right and authority to declare who is and is not a woman. Based on looks.

I say this because there are trans girls who pass as cis. You’re not going after them because you would not notice them in a restroom. You’d assume, based on looks, that they are cis and they would be safe as long as they didn’t “give themselves away.” I’m safe from you. I have hips, d-cups, and long hair. You aren’t going to mistake me for anything but a cis woman.

But I have exes and friends who don’t immediately look like GIRLS. If you saw them would you try to make them leave? Would you try to force them out?

Also, there’s a certain amount of irony in claiming that it’s cis women who experience violence in the restroom when what you’re promoting and advocating is violence against trans women in bathrooms.

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