Joelle Ruby Ryan Leads With Love by Discussing Student Papers on Facebook

A review of Boys Don’t Cry: “In the film, Brandon is accurately shown as being a lesbian who is uncomfortable with her biological sex. Boys Don’t Cry shows a realistic issue with Brandon lying to Lana about actually being a woman.” I don’t know where to start….

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  1. Mary Sunshine · ·

    Time to start building the female Maginot Line.

  2. Teena Brandon = Coercively Assigned Trans

  3. Biologically assigned sex is a misnomer to some degree. One isn’t assigned a biological sex which implies changing it. One is a biological sex or has an intersex condition. However we are assigned a gender. And it seems that in this case a gender has been assigned. Hooray *eyeroll*

  4. I would think that taking a (portion of a) student’s paper and posting it on your FB in order to ridicule them/their ideas would be at the very least a screaming breech of ethics.

    (Interestingly, I had a prof belittle one of my papers in much the same way: Tell me what I want to hear, NOT what YOU think you stupid bitch. At least it was in the privacy of her office and not all over the fucking internet – am I supposed to feel lucky now???)

  5. Trans are fond of baptizing dead people as trans, much like the Mormons.

    It’s extremely unprofessional to mock your students on the internet. I’d be terribly hurt and embarrassed to see my teacher gossipping about my work on Facebook! Too bad it’s too late in the semester for the student to drop the class.

  6. Did it ever occur to you, Ruby, that Teena was in love with a girl; had NO exposure to Lesbian/gay culture or community, and like many of us in those days in isolation–ME, for one–thought that meant she had to be a boy? Just wasn’t up with the most current terminology–whaich changes from day to day in the academic world–and this student reviewer was EXACTLY RIGHT?
    Who is the bigot, here–sounds like it’s YOU. YOU.
    Kitty Barber

    1. pardon the spelling of ‘which.’

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