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bugbrennan on March 31, 2012 at 12:26 pm said:
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“We must lead feminism with love, or not at all.”

Let’s assume this is true.

YOU have failed to do that. YOU have used all sorts of aggressive tactics against females for *daring* to suggest that females and female reality matters.

YOU have specifically attacked me as racist – without ANY proof – for pointing out another blogger’s MISOGYNY. THAT’S not “leading with love.”

YOU are not a victim.

Now, back to “leading with love.”


bugbrennan on March 31, 2012 at 4:40 pm said:
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Also, I TOTALLY forgot the “bad mommy” bullshit you pulled. TOTALLY out of line.

Beyond the beyond – EXACTLY what right-wing fuck nuts say to lesbians.

UPDATE: So much for “leading with love”


  1. Mary Sunshine · ·

    This is why so many women get sucked in by trans-jactivism. We must be loving at all costs, whilst hating ourselves and other females. The jackpot comes pouring out like a bucket of nickels into the hands of the trans*.

  2. Lysandra · ·

    I actually really value love, and I believe it has an important place in our work. And I get really furious when I see its totally misrepresented like this. I recently heard a talk by bell hooks in which she talked about the importance of love and her belief was that the very first thing that has to happen is we have to truly love ourselves. This is incredibly difficult to do in a world that hates us. But if we can find ways to do that, then out of our love for ourselves will spring love for others, and it is through that love that real work gets done. Anyone who asks you to do this out of order–love me before you love yourself, or I don’t care whether you love yourself–is completely missing the point of what love IS.

    This bastardization of the word “love” makes me furious and breaks my heart. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of an alternative word, but it’s hard to find one…

  3. ethicalequinox · ·

    Well, sadism thrives on masochism, so this is exactly what they’d expect of us.

  4. Gráinne · ·

    Feminism is led by love. The love of undermining patriarchy. Feminism isn’t about loving everyone and being nice. There’s a LOT that isn’t nice about girls’ and women’s lives a lot of the time. Telling women they aren’t being NICE enough is exactly how right wingers and others have been effective at keeping women from feminism. “They’re not nice. Don’t you want to be nice?”

  5. GallusMag · ·

    Joelle Ruby Ryan:

    First of all, YOU aren’t going to “lead” women’s liberation. No male is. Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble, Joelle.

    I seriously advise any women seeking info on why transgender politics are toxic to females to visit Joelle Ruby Ryan’s “love” blog. The homophobia, female-hatred, lesbophobia spews garishly off of every post. There is no “love” there. Only pure hatred for everything female, lesbian, or gay.

    I can scarcely think of anything more disingenuous than a committed anti-female and anti-gay activist like Joelle Ruby Ryan calling for “love”. Where is YOUR “love” JRR? Where is YOUR love for females and homosexuals? You have displayed nothing but hatred for women and gays. Pure hatred.

    You were called out by feminists for your female-hatred and homophobia. That does not make you a victim. That makes you someone being held accountable for your words and actions. Where is your “loving” response?

    SPECIFICALLY (and here’s where it gets really, really simple) Please answer WHY you publicly accused lesbians for being RACIST for objecting to Monica “fishy” Roberts death threats against lesbians?

    It’s as simple as that. In what way do you justify your claims that women and lesbians are RACIST for objecting to Roberts death threats against lesbians, and his practice of referring to females as “fish”?

    Here is your quote:

    Nowhere in your “love” post did you respond to the very questions that precipitated your post. That seems dishonest. CAGEY. I’m sure New Hampshire folks know what “cagey” is, they’ve seen it from flatlanders so many times before. So do all of us a favor and ACTUALLY RESPOND to the issues raised.

    What is racist about objecting to death threats against lesbians and the practice of referring to females as “fish”? YOU made the claim, please explain why.


    1. Great comment

    2. I am sure Joelle will NEVER take responsibility for her own actions.

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