WTF is up with the Sherbourne Health Centre in Toronto?

I am beginning to think the Sherbourne Health Centre hates Lesbians.

First, Counselor Xander Sarkisova pushes his rapey analysis that Lesbians are bigots for not wanting dick.  To date, Sherbourne Health Centre has not responded to this. Xander’s blog is here.  Xander claiming to be a victim is here.

Second, Sherbourne Health Centre is co-sponsoring a workship with PLANNED PARENTHOOD to teach MAABs (Male-Assigned at Birth) how to penetrate the barrier of Lesbian Underwear?

WTF Sherbourne Health Centre?  If you think Two is a Trend, let Sherbourne know.


  1. I haven’t heard the term MAAB before, what does it mean?

    1. Male-Assigned at Birth or what we used to call “male.”

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