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Radfem-Friendly Tumblr Blogs

From Tumblr Blogger Hedonistic Paradise. This is a list of my favourite tumblr blogs, and they are all female and LGB friendly. Some are radical feminists/pro-rad fem men, and others are radfem sympathetic, while the rest are just cool blogs to follow. 1.  bugbrennan 2.  killyourenemies 3.  shameandcupcakes 4.  babysaygoodnight 5.  gaynotqueer 6.  18brumaire 7. indigenousfeminist 8. […]

17-year-old Girl Harasses Women Online, Trans Community Silent

To: ‘’ Subject: Rufus Rufushy Ulrik Good morning – My name is Cathy Brennan, and I am a lesbian feminist activist in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. Recently, a student at your school, Rufus Ulrik (formerly Cara), has been emailing me and contacting me via social media.  This student seems disturbed. I do not want any contact with this […]

Safe Spaces for Gay Youth

Last issue, Steve Charing highlighted the opening of The Den (Baltimore OUTloud, The Den Opens Its Doors to LGBT Youth),  a safe space for GLBT youth ages 13 to 24. Kalima Young, one of the driving forces behind The Den, told Steve that “youth have suffered from our unwillingness as adults to address structural issues […]

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Radical feminism isn’t “intolerant” of anything but oppression. It’s empowering to a class of humans who have been suffering the most extreme forms of oppression imaginable. Women have been considered chattel (property) — first of our fathers, then of our husbands — for thousands of years. We have been systematically mutilated, beaten, raped, enslaved, imprisoned in harems […]

This is the “kid gender expert” Sheryl Rindel

THIS IS A REBLOG FROM This is the “kid gender expert” Sheryl Rindel The one peddling her wares in this irresponsible article. Degree from North Texas University Interests: “I love reading the Bible.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I have a hunch about why she wants to transify “nonconformist” kids. To stop […]

For anyone with a sincere interest in intersex conditions…

For anyone with a sincere interest in intersex conditions, this site is a good place to get started. It explains the difference between the various intersex conditions. Please note that “intersex” does NOT equal “trans”. Intersex is a congenital biological condition; “trans” is a mental condition in people with otherwise healthy-ish, normal-ish XX female or […]

On Bullying, and Being Nice

“Bullying” as a political issue has gained much traction in recent years, with suicides of GLBTQ youth paving the way for a campaign to protect youth. Such a campaign is a worthy endeavor, as bullying – aggressive behavior in which the Bully, through force or coercion, habitually targets a victim, who usually has less power than the Bully […]

An Open Letter to the Nashville Rollergirls,,,,,,,, Good morning – My name is Cathy Brennan and I am a lesbian activist in Baltimore, Maryland. Recently, a person who suggests they are affiliated with your team has been following me on social media.  This person – Tear O’Bite aka Erin McCargar –  is angry because I […]

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Where it is a thought crime to say “I respect trans women as women, but I do not believe they are female,” as well as “Females have a right to set a boundary and have it be respected.” Oy vey.

Omnivorous white Probably Agnostic Girl Fails @ “sex vs. gender”