An Open Letter to the Nashville Rollergirls

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Good morning –

My name is Cathy Brennan and I am a lesbian activist in Baltimore, Maryland. Recently, a person who suggests they are affiliated with your team has been following me on social media.  This person – Tear O’Bite aka Erin McCargar –  is angry because I support the right of females to exclude transgender women from female-only spaces. Because I would not agree with her viewpoint, she followed me from Tumblr, to Facebook, to Twitter.  She is now asserting I have engaged in “unethical” behavior by using Google to locate information about her that is easily accessible on the Google/Internet.

Feminists who advocate for female-only space are routinely harassed by transgender women and their allies.  This harassment leads us to rely on the only thing we can do – gather information about the people harassing us, and sharing that information with others so that feminist activists may protect themselves. It is more than ironic that Erin, who saw fit to engage with me in a hostile manner on three social media sites, at her choosing, is now crying foul when her information – which she put on the internet – is located for the purpose of female self-defense.

I believe this type of behavior reflects poorly on your team. It is inconceivable to me that anyone would bother having a heated conversation about and with someone they do not know, simply because I disagreed with her. It is appalling to me that she cannot accept the fact that a female disagrees with her.

As her Tumblr and Twitter pages both highlight her involvement in your team prominently, I feel compelled to register my complaint about her with you.

I would appreciate it if you would ask your colleague to not speak to or about me – I had previously asked her this, but she violated my boundary. Repeatedly. And continues to do so.

Best wishes,

Cathy Brennan

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  1. Anarchofem · ·

    I can’t wait till one of these fucking reality-denying creepy dudes gets put away for this kind of SHIT. Of course, the first dude that happens to will be sainted as a blessed martyr for their twisted cause. Behold teh Tranz, masters of revisionism.

  2. I know Sunflower………She follows me on Twitter………Sometimes, it sucks to try to be peaceful……….

  3. how can you say you are a gender atheist if you are crying foul over a transfemale participating in a female sports team? that seems a bit contradictory. this post and other blogs of yours indicate that you know what is “right” and :wrong” in queer culture, just as the bible thumpers know what is “right” and “wrong” based on some outdated book. i fear you are becoming just as stringent, self-righteous, exclusionary and cruel as the far right-wingers.

    1. Um, I don’t give a shit if he participates on a female sports team. This letter is about him being a demanding prick.

      Also, sex isn’t gender.

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