Even Though We Disagree We Share A Common Enemy

So Trans and Queer folks have anarchists to help them violently enforce their antiquated notions of gender and their stereotypical views of what a “Woman” is and what a “Man.”

How “Anarchist.”

So I guess if “Woman” means “Man who says he’s a lady” and “Penis” means “Something that’s on a Woman,” I suppose it makes sense that “Anarchy” means “Enforcing the same repressive Gender we’ve been dealing with since forever.”

How Revolutionary.

There’s always been a pattern of struggle and defeat
Never that cycle incomplete
Never enough to tip the scales
Too many people rotting in jails
Or bloodied on the battlefields
The history books from every age
Have the same words written on every page
Always starting with ‘Revolution’
And ending with ‘Capitulation’
Always silenced by the truncheon
Or bought out with concessions
Always repetition…

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 7.51.35 AM


It’s not Revolutionary to violently harass Women.

That’s Status Quo.

You aren’t doing anything Revolutionary.

You are the Same Violent Men Women Have Been Dealing With Since Forever.

It’s not Revolutionary to insist that Women suck your Dick, or Accept Your Womanly Penis, or Even Talk To You.

But you have pink hair and septum piercings and call yourself PansexualGenderfluidQueerTransFags, so…


We Have Seen The Enemy, and It Is Men

We Have Seen The Enemy, and It Is Men


  1. acherontyastyx · ·

    LOVE this!

    What they’re doing is as revolutionary as being part of the Waffen SS

  2. When I talk to even my (former) analytical Anarchist friends about radfem, all I get is disbelief and aggression (the latter mostly from trans people who happen to be there). This is why I have disconnected from most of them.

    1. Pela Abolição dos Gêneros · ·

      The same thing here. It’s very troubling how queer theory and genderism got the Anarchists who used to care about feminism. On the other hand, Anarchism has always suffered dilution by the attack of right wing/liberal/fascist/misanthropic chimeric aberrations in spite of its socialist DNA, so it’s not so surprising, I guess.

      Yet, radical anarcha-feminism is still a very real thing, and it needs more help.

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