Believe What Men Tell Each Other


Where Men gather, Women are exploited.

And where there are Women to be exploited, there are Men who have turned to the Internet to “rate” their experiences of raping exploiting Women.

Please understand this – there are websites DEVOTED to giving Men a forum to compare their experiences of Raping Women.

You know, so Men can tell other Men how to “get value for money.”

Have you ever looked at these mongering websites? In the UK, you have PunterNet, in the US, you have the innocuously-titled USA Sex Guide.

Women, you should Believe What Men Tell Each Other.

The Invisible Men: Let’s Talk About His Choices is a 31-day project for May. Each day, the blog will feature an image of a mask with a price tag, overlayed with text extracted from PunterNet reviews. The price tag shows what he paid in that particular transaction. Extracts will cover everything from rape/racism/trafficking/exploitation of poverty/age/pimping etc.

Maybe you’re one of those people who think “Sex Work” is Empowering. You should read what punters actually think and do, and consider the choices of Men.

Follow the Project on Twitter at @invisiblechoice, and the Tumblr blog here.

Consider the choices of Men and what they tell each other.



  1. I recommend a 2009 book entitled “The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It”, by Victor Malarek, a Canadian investigative journalist. He monitored these websites and visited the haunts of sex tourists and general sex buyers – in North America and abroad -, interviewing both these men and the people who try to reign them in (e.g. Norma Hotaling, who created “johns’ schools”), and offers a devastating gallery of the various types of men who hurt women and children in this fashion…

  2. Makes me sick to my stomach. I knew about these sites but had probably blocked it out.

  3. […] Believe What Men Tell Each Other. […]

  4. […] Believe What Men Tell Each Other. […]

  5. Anonymous · ·

    So so so very true. The more we expose what men actually say and do in their own words, the sooner we can break the illusions women live under. This is so important – I hope it will be widely followed by women.

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