Trans Activists and MRAs Lie. Who knew? (We did).

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  1. Anyone with an atom of dignity would side with radfem2013 and against the men’s rights extremists who threaten with violence. It’s unbelievable people are willing to just look the other way and profit politically from the violence.

    1. You mental cunt .Stop stealing oxygen.

  2. Unsurprisingly, and for the second year in a row, men’s rights activists have bullied venue staff hosting Radfem 2013, into submitting to their terror tactics. Despite the fact that the organisers of this year’s Rad Fem 2013 were completely transparent about our intentions for the conference and the potential consequences of the London Irish Centre’s acceptance of our booking (i.e. harassment from men who don’t like us), the venue has been bullied by a bunch of men’s rights activists and the venue are considering cancelling our booking. Men’s rights advocates have harassed feminists online, bullied venue staff at the London Irish Centre (this year’s host of Radfem 2013), including putting the names of staff on websites and blogs. Staff were also shaken up by the theft of a laptop and mobile phone from staff. This is now under criminal investigation and we have no idea who was responsible, but what we do know is that it is us who are being punished.

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