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One of the charges Transgender Warriors and their Signal-Boosting Liberal Allies regularly lodge against Radical Feminists is that Radical Feminists are “biological determinists” for knowing that human biology exists.

According to these folks, biological determinism makes us Nazis and KKK members and right-wingers. Transgender Warriors and Outstanding Liberal Allies engage in this blitz attack on Women to ensure that the dominant message Popular Liberal Media hears is that Transgender Ideology is a progressive path towards “liberation” and Feminists are bad.

Authors much smarter than I have deconstructed Gender Identity for the retrogressive, conservative, women-hating philosophy it is (Hi Sheila Jeffreys! Hi pretty much every Radical Feminist blogger).

Often, this discussion about “biological determinism” is reserved for Lesbians who are routinely harassed by the QUILTBAG Community for rejecting Male anatomy as Female (because Lesbians know dick, sorry).

Occasionally, however, the fauxgressive nature of Transgender Ideology leaks its way out in Popular Liberal Media (Think Huffington Post, Think Progress).

In December, Think Progress, a fauxgressive website that believes Trans is the best thing to happen to Men since BDSM, lambasted Fox News for publishing a “sexist op-ed” by Suzanne Venker, an author concerned with some “War on Men” (um, no). Venker argued in her Fox News piece that women are “naturally” men’s inferiors.

Fox News is an easy target for Liberals because it is so reliably wretched. No doubt. We are all on the same page about that.

Quoting Think Progress:

The author believes the crudest of crude gender stereotypes are built into male and female brains, arguing that women “like to gather and nest and take care of people” while men “are hunters: they like to build things and kill things.” As a consequence, she maintains a man’s place is in the office; “his” woman should simply “surrender” to his rule:

[W]omen shouldn’t let their success in the workplace become the biggest thing in their lives. If the ultimate goal is lasting love – and let’s face it: for most people it is – women are going to have to become comfortable with sacrifice and capitulation. …

Surrendering to your femininity means many things. It means letting your man be the man despite the fact that you’ve proven you’re his equal. It means recognizing the fact that you may very well want to stay home with your babies – and that that’s normal. Surrendering to your femininity means if you do work outside the home, you don’t use your work to play tit for tat in your marriage. It means tapping into that part of yourself that’s genuinely vulnerable and really does need a man – even though the culture says you don’t.

In other words, put down your sword. It’s okay if your guy’s in charge. It’s okay if you don’t drive the car. In fact, it’s rather liberating.

Think Progress goes on:

These views are not supported by modern neuroscience, which finds that brain differences between men and women are hard to pinpoint and often a result of social pressures rather than biology. Moreover, the reason that many women are unhappy with their worklives is more about institutionalized sexism than some innate need to be cared for by a strong man.

We agree. Anyone who has read Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine knows this.

So, if Think Progress knows “gender is innate” is bullshit when it discusses Males and Females, why does that clear, defensible view go out the window when a Male decides he’s Female?

In speaking of some right-wing woman who opposes homosexuality and gender identity on religious grounds (which also and by the way, is not radical feminism or lesbian feminism), Think Progress – through chief gender delusionist Zack Ford – writes, “(s)he rejects the notion that sexual orientation and gender identity are innate, core identities as social science has repeatedly explained.”


Hai. I am a liberal. There is no brain sex, except when a Man says he’s a Woman. Than “she” has all teh Brain Sex.

More from Ford:

Like Arizona state Rep. John Kavanagh (R), (Tom) McMillin seems to be afraid that women and children might see a transgender woman’s penis. But transgender women are not “men who think they are women,” they are women.

So, what is it that makes a transwoman a Woman if he has a penis?

Could it be… his feeling… that he is a Woman?

So which is it, Think Progress? Are there Female and Male brains, or not? Are there Male penises, or not?

Are there only Female and Male brains when a liberal demographic says so?

Think Progress, your conservatism is showing.

Try out this breakdown of Sex and Gender.

1. Sex is biological sex. Male is the class of humans that can impregnate Females. Males cannot become pregnant. Female is the class of human that can become impregnated by a Male. Females cannot impregnate anyone. Your exceptions don’t disprove this rule about these two classes, so please spare me the “I’m an infertile woman” discussion. Infertile Women = Females. Infertile Women =\\= Males.

2. The fact that Sex exists says NOTHING about who Males or Females can be.

3. Gender is a social construct that places meaning and value onto the Male and the Female. In this placement of meaning and value, Females are ranked below Males. That is, Gender is a hierarchy, with Females on the bottom.

4. Lesbians and Gay Men are – by definition – “gender nonconforming” because we engage in same-sex relationships that are discouraged through a system of Gender that dictates who a Male and who a Female is supposed to love. Our gender nonconformity has real social costs.

5. Many Males and Females are ALSO “gender nonconforming,” whether or not we call ourselves “Transgender.” Our gender nonconformity has real social costs.

6. Transgender is Gender – it does not describe an actual class of humans. Transgender is also a social construct. Transgender as gender nonconformity also comes with social costs.

7. Transgender can only exist in a culture where Gender exists.

8. It is inconsistent to know there is no difference between Males and Females for purposes of attacking a right-wing woman while failing to call out Transgender Advocates for pushing the lie that Gender Identity (i.e., sex stereotypes) is innate.

Liberals, your crazy thinking is showing.

Unless you really think this…

Genderbread-2.1 (1)

HOORAY! Narcissistic navel gazing garbage for all!

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