Trans Activists and MRAs = Same Women-Hating Peoples

trans and mra

Hai! Picard thinks you’re an asshole!


This screenshot is from the MRA website here. Don’t click on the link unless you have an IP hider, because I AM SURE these guys track IPs.

Paul Elam’s biggest claim to fame is infiltrating some message board where women with no power or money were talking and saying things that hurt their feelings. Waaaaa!

FWIW, pretty sure no woman would care if a bunch of Men’s Rights Activists met without us…Enjoy yourselves!

And OF COURSE you wouldn’t exclude Transgender people, Paul – they support your Gender Schtick!



  1. “Infiltrating”. Right..
    MRAs are cyber trans.

    They just hang on a blog or thread, “passing”, until they fuck up and blow cover. Then they are like “oh my god world women are talking” and the world is like NUH UH THEY DON’T RILLY DO THAT. And boy is it frustrating to have people pretend your problem is invisible. That’s what happens when your problem is Invisible People. No one can see what the fuck you’re talking about.

  2. Funny you should mention it. There was an article about RadFem 2013 posted on AVFM.

    It was posted to Reddit on three different subreddits.

    One was /r/MensRights.

    One was /r/genderqueer

    And one was /r/TransSpace.

    1. longshangui · ·

      Pretty clear Elam’s site is embarking on an attack on radfem2013. The real reason is that he doesn’t want feminists to be able to congregate anywhere, and this is small enough of a feminist event for him to think he can exert pressure. He doesn’t want to announce his real reason, as usual, though, so he’s going to take cover behind transactivists, as with the incredibly disingenuous statement he just made quoted above. He has no interest in trans issues except to use trans people to promote his misogyny.

  3. Kelly Zhane · ·

    “This screenshot is from the MRA website here. ”

    Yes it is.

    “Don’t click on the link unless you have an IP hider, because I AM SURE these guys track IPs.”

    Double LOL. Firstly you don’t want people to click on it because they’ll notice that you are cherry picking. Paul elam isn’t actually attacking women in that post, he’s using hyperbole to express a dislike of a specific double standard. Something clear to anyone who reads the entire thing.

    Secondly you point about the IP tracker… Isn’t it funny that we hate in others, the traits we see in ourselves. AVFM doesn’t need IP trackers, because they don’t care what your IP is… Where as you personally have used IP trackers to essentially try and dox him on this very website. I’m not sure if that falls more into hypocricy, or irony, but i’m sure its one or the other.

    “Paul Elam’s biggest claim to fame is infiltrating some message board where women with no power or money were talking and saying things that hurt their feelings. Waaaaa!”

    If you are talking about the Agent Orange files, those were dug up by the aforementioned Agent Orange. An these files were not from “women with no power or money,” they were from poisonous toxic rad fems discussing terminating 50% of the population & there hatred for that section of the population.

    Lets be clear here, you & your ilk got caught out, by your own words: An now those words are out there in a zip file for anyone who wants to read them to enjoy your outdated, backwards form of open bigotry.

    An its exactly that behaviour your group has demionstrated that resulted in you losing your convention venue… The MHRA had no power over that choice… That was all you & yours.

    1. What is it with you guys that you say “ilk” all the time?

      1. Kelly Zhane · ·

        I don’t know about guys, but i use it because its a word.

      2. Y’all sound like paranoid mad scientists, keep talking, it’s helpful.

    2. You keep talking about some zip file of women with no power talking. No one gives a shit because we are all too busy working to get you to stop raping babies.

      1. Kelly Zhane · ·

        No power huh. Child care professional have no power? College level educators have no power? A group of stupid people in large numbers have no power?

        Honestly thats the equiviliant of me punching you in the face & then when you go crying to the cops i say “oh i couldn’t possdibly have punched you in the face, i’m just a little girl, i have no power.

        Please don’t try to hide your bigotry behind a mask of hypno agency, no one is buying it anymore. You get a group of people together talking about exterminating 50% of the population due there personal dislike, it doesn’t matter if they can do it or not, it doesn’t stop it from being bigoted, sexist bullshit… An organisations deciding they don’t want to host a group of such people is not only valid, its fair, balanced & reasonable.

        I’m all for womens rights as a subset of human rights, but you and yours aren’t… you are for perpetrating your own brand of psychosis on the rest of the world, in the most self destructive way possible.

      2. No, sorry. Try again.

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