She’s Got A Dick

In case you missed it on Saturday night, watch it before it gets removed on copyright grounds.

Capture joe joelle-ruby-ryan-identifies-himself-as-university-of-new-hampshire-representative



  1. AnonymousMTF · ·

    I would pay money to see this movie! Story of my life.

  2. pass it was offensive enough beforehand, crap like this makes people think it’s acceptable to beat me up.

    1. michelle · ·

      Gotta love the victim complex even when there is nothing that incites any remote prospect of violence…

    2. AnonymousMTF · ·

      They are implying JT and the girl with a dick are having sex,not fighting while they are rolling around in bed. That’s the only thing remotely looking like violence in that sketch.

    3. lol boohoo, they talked about an MTF being in a fulfilling relationship with JT with sex but they point out she has a dick. You are truly dying in the streets right now with oppression. ;~; I’m guessing you’re a white MTF, too.

  3. funny you should mention dying in the streets so soon after kayla moore, and turning a human being into a damn punchline never has good results.

    1. Kayla Moore didn’t “die in the streets,” asshole.

      1. no she was killed in police custody that’s sooo much better.

      2. And, yet, a comedy skit DID NOT CAUSE THIS.

      3. michelle · ·

        Damn Cathy, there ya go again…shooting down their arguments with an evidence and fact-based reply. You are being entirely too sensible here…I mean, really…you are getting in their way of just continuing to make more shit up.

  4. So I’ve been reading responses on AutStraddle about the “cotton ceiling”. The twanz are complaining that they don’t want to have sex w/ radfems. But you just know if
    The tables were turned and those radfems were to say ” Sure! I accept your laydee stick, lets have sex!” We all know what the answer will be. The twanz forgetting everything about how much of a bigot the radfem is and would want to have sex with her. Come on, lets be real about this, you know it’s true. And if she’s like ” just Kidding! No I won’t have sex with you.” Then you all know it’ll end badly for her.

  5. Sorry bout the email but twanz found it and are harassing me :/ I would sign up for a different one but I like mine.

  6. Why was my comment deleted? Good thing I saved it lol

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