Well, See, I Know You Thought This Was Women’s MMA But…

Here is Fallon Fox, a man, beating a women. The woman, Scottie Fortner, thought she was fighting another woman in a Mixed Martial Arts fight.

She was not. She was getting beaten by a man.

Fallon Fox came out “as a man” and is now facing investigation by the Florida State Boxing Commission for lying on his Florida application to participate in women’s MMA.

Florida law provides that any person who seeks to obtain a license by knowingly making false or fraudulent representations in any application or who otherwise knowingly makes false statements concerning her or his medical history, boxing, kickboxing, or mixed martial arts records, or other personal information commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable by 60 days in prison and a $500 fine.

I hope the Commission punishes him to the full extent of the law.

And I hope the women he beat press criminal assault or battery charges against him.

Also, H/T to the Lesbians who KNEW Fallon Fox was trandgender and have been nudging this news to come out for years.


  1. How is this considered fair at all? Boggles the mind. Upper body strength advantage plus aggression (socialized or innate, whatever, effect is the same) equals not a fair fight.

    1. It is the definition of unfair. Also, it’s sanctionable behavior under his Florida boxing license.

    2. The claim used by trans activists is that once hormone therapy is taken, then there is no more advantage. I don’t know how true that claim is, as I don’t know a great deal about physiology, but I know that the male skeletal structure is different from the female skeletal structure, and that doesn’t magically transform after two years of hormone therapy.

      1. michelle · ·

        I don’t care HOW much hormone therapy they had- skeletal structure just isn’t going to change. And, even with the claims of muscle mass being lost, nothing does away with the FACT that he was born with a natural advantage that gave the physiological advantage of more muscle mass precisely as a result of testosterone-fueled puberty and adulthood. It matters not one whit to me that some women, whether in MMA or just because they want to bulk up, may eventually gain muscle mass of their own- the reality is that Fox began with an inherent advantage that was not previously disclosed in an open manner. Instead, they have been outed and now are scurrying like cockroaches that have had the lights turned on…

      2. We only have to look at that guy to realize why we have sports separated by sex. Women that acquired that kind of muscle mass would no doubt be investigated and kicked out for doping.

      3. The dude is a brutal schmuck. I don’t see how anyone can be defending what he is doing. For one thing, to look like that and be doing martial arts takes a certain level of deliberate malice of forethought. I know that there are too many male centered jerks plying this transgender thing for their own benefit. I am a trans person, but know that if you do not take massive amounts of anti-androgens for a very long time, you will never function anything like that. Yes, the skeletal structure remains the way it was if that was the kind of post puberty doping this misogynistic scum bag pursues. A proper trans person will not hang it out like that to cause a deception. For example if you identify with women sufficiently, you will know that this is wrong and I don’t give a flying dog shit how much the men defend him. For one thing, it seems as if this is some raunchy form of sadistic drive. If he wants to do the world a favor, he will spar with other trans people, so they can bash his cookies out, preferably behind bars. I find this sort of thing even spiritually offensive. Now get that? They can take their stupid “if a woman joins the military” distorted mental associations and cram it somewhere where the rest of polite folk don’t have to imagine men getting cluster bombed, “just for fun”. Like did these women ask for this? No, not at all…is this a no brainer or where did the word NO end up in the vocabulary of these twerps.

  2. Please also read Ann Tagonist’s excellent take down of this criminal http://anntagonist.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/this-is-male-violence/

  3. But some bio women are built with heavy frames too…no different than Fallon’s. Fallon looks no different physically than a lot of female athletes. With MMA, don’t you have to weigh within the same range in order to fight so it should be ok?

    1. “Fallon looks no different physically than a lot of female athletes.”

      Being Female isn’t about how you look.

  4. “[B]eating a women”?

    1. Yes, he beats women.

      1. Pleae check the spelling.

  5. But they’re both physically trained for marital arts! So what’s the problem? Or do back-peddle on women’s right to fight in front-line combat roles in the military and insist on an easier ride – coz, you know,”women on board”?

    1. I don’t understand this comment. Do you think “women’s rights” means “let’s pretend men and women are the same”?

      1. Do you support women in front-line combat roles? If so, then you cannot be objecting to men fighting women if women have been trained for combat – right? Or do we politely ask the enemy to go easy on our soldiers coz – you know – we got women soldiers. MMA is an example of women having been trained for combat, so to be complaining about ‘women being beaten up’ in MMA is hypocritical.

      2. No, I don’t. Go fuck yourself.

      3. Oh riiiight, resorting to childish foul language. Go be the victim and let the grown-ups talk.

      4. You don’t make any sense here. Where did you go to troll school?
        Oh, in Australia: http://iplocation.truevue.org/ and http://iplocation.truevue.org/?ip=

  6. Ha, ha, ha! Now you’re deleting comments for which you have no relevant answer! So, kiddo, I’ll ask again… what relevance is there that I’m from Australia? Grow up!

    1. I’m sorry, but are you functionally retarded?

  7. Chi, dude, ( or dude loving chick?) you don’t make sense. I’m for all women at the front lines, but you have to understand that many of the wars have started because of Men. It’s been proven that if you’ve got together a group of women leaders to create a council in society there would be a lot less violence. Don’t believe me then Google. I imagine in a perfect world, most of the inhabitants on Earth would be women, a significant less of the population would be men. Ofcourse there would be violence, but there would be a lot lot less.

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