Radfem 2013

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Make the Connection.


  1. Financially speaking, this event is out of the question for me, although it would be great to attend.

    In a transgender forum, this site was linked with the statement “Transwomen banned from Rad Fem 2013.” The top comment reads “And people of colour are banned from Klan rallies. Your point?”

    I had to laugh. That comment is a great example of why it would be so harmful to include them in such congregation. You can’t fight for the liberation of women if you are so utterly blind to and dismissive of their oppression.

    1. hello my sick and twisted bigoted friend. I miss you. please come to Australia so we can throw rotten fruit at you and your skanky followers.

      MORE ABOUT THIS GUY Indi Kelly Edwards
      facebook.com/Indi3r x

  2. most of us here in the uk have already put out a request that this event not be blocked, I’ve written on the issue too, would be happy to see the event go ahead unobstructed that result is infinitely preferable to a repeat of last year.

    1. Anonymous · ·

      Thanks. I agree.

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