Solidarity, Sister

“(I)f another Republican man says anything about rape other than it is a horrific, violent crime, I want to personally cut out his tongue. The college-age daughters of many of my friends voted for Obama because they were completely turned off by Neanderthal comments like the suggestion of ‘legitimate rape’.”

Right/Left Distinctions are useless for Women.

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  1. If only Hughes had written this and called out her Republican fellows prior to their War on Women, and had used her influence to change the Republican Party platform that seeks to outlaw contraception and abortion and institute a personhood amendment , I might be moved to call her “sister”. As it is, I don’t. She’s one of these women who rose to power on the groundwork laid by 2nd wave feminists all the while embracing a Republican Party who uses her and that would really like to see her and women like her back in the kitchen a la the 1950s fantasy world.

    She is not my sister.

    1. Condoleezza Rice shares an anecdote which shows why it is essential to have women in the room: “When there was an attempt to change Title IX and some pressure from Capitol Hill about that, I remember Karen Hughes and I going to the President and saying ‘You can’t do that. You don’t remember what it was like to be a woman in college prior to Title IX when you had to have a bake sale to get your sports team to take a trip.’” –

    2. Despite being a white, conservative, Republican opportunist, she’s the only Republican I’ve read condemning the rape remarks this forcefully. It is disquieting to see that yet again men were talking sexual violence and a woman condemned it. Setting matters not. In this particular issue, she is right and the men are wrong. For this particular issue, she is my sister. For the others, okay, notsomuch.

  2. She is not helping imo. She just only wants them to shut up ie: cutting their tongues out. She is not telling them they aren’t fit for office for even thinking that way. She just has a problem with them saying it out loud because they lost young college age female R votes.

    1. You’re right. She said “Knock it off because it’s bad for business.” Good! Hating women *should* be bad for business. I agree that it would have been more to the point to say “You guys are a menace to humanity and should not be walking free in the streets.” That’s the real problem. But political communication is her stock in trade and at least she said the right thing in that framework, as opposed to the R dudes who cost them an election.

      1. I’m not so sure it is good for women, poor, or POC, to be honest. People put up a lot of roadblocks up when Bush we all hated him. Obama always get a free pass when he gets all neo-conny. I think the Rape Platform was a way to motivate the voters who were lukewarm to more Obama Neocon policies.

        But yeah, I’m glad that the rape platform lost. I just don’t think it was an accident the Rs all started being pro-rape by just a slip of the tongue in the press. I’d rather sit down and have a beer with Obama….

        But no, we did not win. Expect more things like NDAA, drones, suvaliance, and more cuts to those who can take them the least, & helping commit genocide against the Palestinians. It is easier for the neo cons to get those things done with Obama.

        Obama is even better at geting babies to stop crying….Obama the baby whisperer. Why do you think that video is so viral?

      2. Also, more on tongue cutting & rape….

        No, the threat is to women being silenced. Not men, no matter what they say about rape.

      3. More…

        Rich and educated men and women speak in their own languages. It just sounds like ordinary english.

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