Pro-Feminist Men!

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Moses Seenarine 


Monique O’Reilly lmao!

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Cathy Brennan Man posts divisive status. Yawn.

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Ginny Brown Agreed. Incisive would have been fine. But this isn’t that.

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Moses Seenarine right; and endorsing the democratic war machine against muslim women and children is real inclusive

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Moses Seenarine what is even more sad, is that the vast majority of “battered” muslim, latino and african women in the usa will vote for this abuser

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Monique O’Reilly . . . say the white western feminists. double-yawn.

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Ginny Brown So all ‘white western feminists’ support Obama, do they? Right, that’s not identity politics gone beserk.

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Moses Seenarine ginny, there are lots of western anti-war feminists who oppose nato and their gov’ts participation in war; this is not about them, obviously

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Moses Seenarine however, it is interesting that even organizations like code pink lists all of the republican admin as war criminals, but yet they are refusing to cast the current democratic admin officials who are intensifying previous wars, with the same label…

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Ginny Brown So your criticism here is really of those feminist women who support the more ‘liberal’ capitalist governments/ political parties. Not of ‘western feminists’.

This was my point. By casually, and apparently unnecessarily, describing western feminists …See More

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Moses Seenarine thanks for helping me to clarify; i take it that most people on this list get this point, but it never hurts to re-iterate

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Ann Tagonist Wooo let’s pit women against each other! If this is what ‘feminist’ men do, separatism looks more appealing every day.

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Moses Seenarine hopefully separatist wouldn’t keep voting for men

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Ann Tagonist Ha, yeah like we have a choice.

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Moses Seenarine the greens are running two women; so are freedom democratic party; so what exactly is separate about separatism if you don’t vote for women?

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Terri Ann Strange Brave this is incredibly offensive & i agree with you about feminists who vote for obama. it is unacceptable to refer to women this way, especially coming from a dude.

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Moses Seenarine war is offensive, not criticism of feminist war supporters

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Cathy Brennan Repulsive man is repulsive.

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Terri Ann Strange Brave referring to women as whores is offensive.

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Cathy Brennan The Greens support Gender Identity.

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Terri Ann Strange Brave Roseanne is running. Thats my vote!

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Cathy Brennan I am also voting for Roseanne.

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Terri Ann Strange Brave Just, no dude. Theres better ways to make your point than to play this game. f’realz.

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Cathy Brennan Moses can mansplain like a pro, though.

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Moses Seenarine at least it got some attention…

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Ann Tagonist Ohhhh so you mean American feminists, not Western feminists? I can’t vote Green or Peace and Freedom. I don’t live in the USA.

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Gaia Riot Jill Stein or bust.

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Ann Tagonist America is not the only Western country.

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Cathy Brennan Oh, a man got attention. How…novel.

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Davina Squirrell A male, any male, making disparaging remarks about feminists… had really better learn to stfu. We will add you to the growing list of ‘useless pro-fems’. Right up there with Hugo, and Julian Real.

It’s getting so as I cannot tell the MRAs apart from the “pro-fems” these days.

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  1. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

    Oh, good grief… how I despise Facebook, but these exchanges are very enlightening. :/

  2. This is probably my privilege showing, but I thought his opening post was sarcastic. I don’t think he literally meant they were whores. He meant that feminists think so. Of course, he totally missed the mark in labeling all “western feminists” in this way… even “American feminists” would still have missed the mark by quite a large margin.

      1. Did I miss the point?

      2. He was being “sarcastic” to make a point that “western feminists” aren’t doing what he wants (in his view). He’s a dick.

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