Dear charlez –

You are paying a woman to rape her. Excuse her if that doesn’t make her very happy.



  1. Becky Green · ·

    “Her heart isn’t in it.”
    “A career change.”

    Men are fucking idiots!

    1. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

      YES, yes they are.

  2. Disgusting! I’ve read through a lot of similar Vegas ‘field reports’ — like passing by a horrific car wreck, I couldn’t turn away, and was more sickened with each review. The heights of entitlement and dehumanization of women these dis-eased minds possess is astounding, deeply disturbing, and a direct reflection of how far removed from being human these men are.

    Tomorrow is the anniversary of Aileen Wuornos’ death, a hero in my eyes who represents what real empowerment in prostitution looks like!

    1. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

      R.I.P., Aileen… that poor woman, abused, neglected and exploited from the cradle to the grave. :C

  3. sadly bloody typical – remember that if an escort get too many “bad” reviews she loses large amounts of money, or be made to go with more sadistic punters.

    1. it is seemingly endless. and i keep thinking “how the fuck can this be legal?”

  4. I do not think punters are idiots – that lets them off the hook. Punters know clearly that they have full power and control over the escort – and by writing a bad review he can make her even more vulnerable – and i he is a regular or uses many escorts he will use that power to manipulate the escort, and get to sexual acts she does not want or not do safe sex. Please know it is all pre-planned, and not done by idiots.

    1. Becky Green · ·

      Good point. You’re right. What they are is sadistic, misogynistic and filled with a sense of entitlement. Vile creatures.

    2. you’re right about them not being idiots. They are worse than idiots as idiots are relatively harmless. These people are sinister and clever and manipulative. and sick. thanks for spreading the awareness though!

  5. yeah, I agree with rmott too. A way to gain yet more power over the women they abuse. Very enlightened of the man to tell this woman she should leave the game because her heart isn’t in it – I’m sure if she had any other option she would take it. The point is, men make sure that as many of us as possible have as few options as possible so we will end up being rape objects. No woman wants to have her humanity taken away.

  6. cherryblossomlife · ·

    Since reading this post, I went over to Punternet to read some of the Reviews myself. And I came across this one. Not sure what to make of it, really!!

    “Her Place: Susie is located in an largeknow block of flats not too far from the Conran shop. The building is okay ut very large and I’m sure its safe but it just has a bit of an air of age and seediness.
    Description: The pics are bit of a dception, they make Susie look a bit more feminine/petite than I perceived. Susie is sligthly taller than was stated, probably 5’7″, and more densely muscled. Very strong.
    Comments: I’m not 100% sure of the dates but I went there mid-week after work a couple of week ago, so this report is pretty current.

    I use this agency a lot and generally have been pretty happy with them, with the odd exception.

    To sum this session up I got a well executed OWO and sex from Susie. Susie was amazingly pleasant and nice person – but there was a nagging feeling in my head when I left. I was not sure if Susie had been a man at some point. This is the 2nd time I’ve had this suspicion in the past month while seeing a gal from one of these Easter European agencies. Not sure what to make of it.

    Anyway this is not to slam Susie – my perception was a very nice person. But you know sometimes your instinct are telling you something. Yet its hard to know for sure. Susie may just be a mannish gal or an ex-athlete, though I asked when I was leaving and she said no, she hadn’t done any sports.

    The other session, in retrospect was more clear cut. I will review that as well… ”


  7. […] recently saw a ” review” from the website Punternet at You Think I Don’t Understand but I just Don’t Believe you, so I went there to look at some of the reviews myself, and came across this one.  Not sure what […]

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