Some Trans Folx on Tumblr Are Angry Because Females Disagree with Them!

April 6, 2012




There are a shit load of radfems attacking trans women on tumblr right now and y’all are fucking SILENT. 
And you call yourselves allies. I am disgusted.

This ENTIRE THREAD (TRIGGER WARNING for transphobia and ableism) needs you to come collect your fucking people. The radfems are fucking monsters. The following hateful pieces of shit are encouraging violence against trans women in that thread alone:











Here’s some outside of that thread (I figured I may as well link to examples. I won’t be linking if they self-identify as radfem on their bio.):










dyke-digest (here)

blinko (here)

home-of-amazons (here)

ceratopsian (here)



adeepseafish (here)


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    made it on a hate list! I’m so proud. Truth be told,…didn’t ever care that much about…

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    So here’s the list of “radfems” that two pretendbian dudes on tumblr are asking people to harass. If you are on this…

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    There aren’t enough palms…desks for my head…into telling…

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    I’m not familiar enough with…fight between trans’…rad…

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    Bolded yes yes yes yes.

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    I’m wondering whether ‘ableism’ can ever really be triggering…

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    I think a good part of why this was done to kind of identify where the radfem issues started. It’s been blowing up the…

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    Are we going to start having blogs that are like news channels for arguments unfolding on tumblr? Really? When you start…

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    not to mention that this has nothing to do with my understanding of feminism, which is about FAIRNESS and about…

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    Naming and shaming.

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    guys uh agnoima isn’t a radfem and the only transwoman i’ve ever seen him say bad things about is pogromnacht and she’s…

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    All this transphobia is making my brain hurt. The fuck is wrong with you people?! I’m starting to feel ashamed of being…

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    fivelettered | cassie-cooties | youarenotyou | blackenedbutterfly | youarenotyou:

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    “Collect your people” haha oh wow

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    matter is: people…hurt. Raising awareness + using our voices = preventing some hurt

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    Everyone please read Judith Butler, or at least learn what “gender performativity” is. Thanks.

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    Reblogging because everyone should see how idiotic these people are being (the people that said the transphobic stuff,…

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    these hateful people are incredibly disgusting and heart wenching. Some go…dismiss…

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    don’t read those blogs and I’ve been busy just recovering from my own panic last week.

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    people like this are the reason feminists have a bad name.

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    Feminism is supposed to be about all women. This is unacceptable.

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    Disgusting list of people up there.

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    the fact that ppl commenting on this are confused as to why some trans* ppl are inherently distrustful of cis ppl….. smh…

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    Reblogging so my followers can update their blocklists and call the radscum out if they have the spoons. (Because cis or…

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    Again, a longer list…radical feminist folk who apparently are actively working to…

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    Radscum refers to people not sharing their views as “cumbuckets”.

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    The whole argument seems violent and troll-infested. Arguing with radfems leads…both…

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    Fellow allies: don’t fucking tone police. Just shut up and go to action. You know what? I had no clue this was happening…

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    call myself an “ally” because it’s…troublesome word and usually ends with me getting…

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    To all my followers who might know what to do.

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    What Kassiane (Sherlocksflataffect) said.

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    As with most people who have tried to engage her and backed her into a linguistic corner that she can’t get out of…

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    Signal boost, ftw. something I’d like to say though… “And people wonder why I never fucking trust cis people.” … really?…

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    I don’t even know what to say to them, but signal boost. Everyone should see how vile these people are.

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    This also functions as a useful list of usernames to add to your block list.

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    tier as misogyny. Way…destroy feminism by hurting another community

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    I don’t know what clarification you’re talking about? I only see your original post and a reply to youarenotyou (and I…

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    And people wonder why I never fucking trust cis people.

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    Reblogging for commentary. I love it when my ‘allies’ tone police me. Also, now that Bugbrennan has doxed me, however…

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    what. the. fuck.

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    Seriously?!?!?! How many fuckin times do…report these bitches

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    I tried to bare bait a couple of the redfems earlier but so far no takers. They seem perfectly willing to bash trans*…

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    Ugh. Go away, cissexist “feminists.” And take your ableism with you.

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    What the hell is wrong with these people?

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  213.  lavender-labia said: Copied and pasted into block list and all reported for harassment. Thanks for the list ❤
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    I’m gonna be honest, I’ve not been super tumblr active lately and I’m not sure exactly what’s going on or how this…

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    Come call out this bullshit. I’m trying, but I unfortunately did not bookmark a couple really good links that I can’t…

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    First off, I hate radfems. Bless the few who attempt to change second-wave feminism into something less transphobic, but…

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    reblogging for future reference because I really want to tear these people to shreds but I don’t know enough about…

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    Wow. My only thought right now is that I can’t believe people like this exist. What the fuck is wrong with these people?…

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    a post about this. I’m pissed as hell…these so-called radfems.

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    Getting the word out. 😡

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    reblogging again because the first…the list actually defended

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    GET ON THAT, ALLIES. And all this shit about how “die cis scum” is inciting violence on the level of cis violence…

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    Working my way down this list sending them messages informing them that their transphobia is disgusting and…

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    So, this is what I come back home to. Disgusting. :/

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    i don’t think anything on tumblr has ever made me feel physically ill, except for some of the garbage i read on one…

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    apologize if you have felt abandoned. I only just now heard…this particular event and…

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    I’m not trying to downplay it, just saying: This is a constant issue in general, not just with these people and not just…

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    And I think that before you talk shit without knowing the whole story, you should take a look at my clarification about…

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    Um…Wait now. I wasn’t trying to silence anyone. I didn’t realize they were speaking about their own abuse, sorry? I…

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    have never seen any of these blogs before, apart from firstwavefeminist which i didn’t both with.. because it’s first…

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    -_- you interrupted people speaking about THEIR experience with transphobia and cissexism to say that they were being…

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    should be messaging and calling these fucks out too, but heads up: no-kowtow, bugbrennan,

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    Signal boost. I’ve left messages in a couple of ask boxes telling them to knock it the fuck off. Help me out. Apologies…

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    Yes, Shannon. Just… yes.

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    I’m going to elaborate real quick because apparently I really didn’t phrase myself very well in this. I know you were…

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    If someone doesn’t feel like being a decent human being, I don’t want them as my ally. Only reason I am ever gonna kiss…

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    My privilege? Pardon, you know nothing about me or how I identify. I found this post because it happened to show up on…

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    I usually balk at anything resembling url “hit lists”. Even if what the people are doing is sucky – it’s the internet,…

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    Reblogging again because the shit these people are posting is beyond awful. Most of them are busy ignoring asks of…

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    also: porcupunx here are the most recently active radscum tumblrs seriously, y’all, these bloggers are spewing some…

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    I am really confused as to what’s happening. But all I know is trans women are being attacked and that isn’t okay. Fuck…

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    For blocking and reference. (I particularly love the one who doesn’t get why queer feminists think consent in sex is…

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    So I keep seeing these posts and nodding in agreement and going, “What the fuck. Inclusion. INCLUSION.” And then I…

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    For later reference.

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    Holy shit, I hadn’t seen this whole thread. What a bunch of fucking monsters. This belief that trans women have male…

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    I am an ally, but can I just ask what you expect anyone to do about it (ally or not)? There’s something called freedom…

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    The sheer amount of hatred perpetrated by people like this who claim to be a part of a movement to BETTER the lives of…

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    Since this was brought to my attention, I wanted to apologize if anyone read this as me misgendering the OP. I was…

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    well this is just bullshit

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    What a horrid bunch of slimefucks. If you want a quick way to puking, I suggest reading through any of the above.

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    Signal boost. Violence and transphobia are not OK, and they don’t align with the version of feminism I subscribe to.

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    had known this was going…before right now…would have…

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    yeah im reading this shit and it’s so messed up. i dont really get how radical feminists can exist outside of a…

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    No offense, but I also didn’t see it until the op was reblogged on my dash this morning, but I’m not trying to make…

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    I’m not going to interact with any of these people right now because I’m feeling a bit too fragile to really dig in and…

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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…You need to fucking stop. Just the fact that you think that…

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    Here’s some outside…(I figured I may as well link to examples. I won’t be linking if…

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    Last I checked, it’s unreasonable to be pissed off at someone for not being aware or not seeing it. IF the person saw…

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    This was the first I saw of it. Jesus Christ. I don’t think theres a bus big enough to shove these fuckers on to, but…

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    ALL OF THIS OMG LET IT BE KNOWN I HAVE SPAMMED THOSE BLOGS LINKED WITH THIS: Radfems are racist and transphobic, and for…

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    Houston, we have a problem. I didn’t even know there were people that didn’t even want to acknowledge intersectionality…

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    The idea that trans women (and trans people in general) are somehow more privileged or more respected in this fucked up…

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    fucking fucking fuck

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    HEY. HEY YOU. TRANS PEOPLE. READ. You want to help convince more people to be allies to our cause? I can’t even imagine…

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    Okay so, to those pieces of shit (that is such an understatement, these people need to just… ugh) perpetuating hatred…

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    I’m sickened by this transphobic bullshit. I’m an ‘ally’…call bullshit when I see it,

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    wow ok this is repulsive fuck these cis people saying this shit fuck them thats so far below being ok that i just……

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    I… jfc, I’m speechless right now. I can’t believe there are people who call themselves feminists who are so oppressive….

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    Signal boost. (I don’t even know where to begin with these pieces of shit.)

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    Working on it. WORKING ON IT. I’m sure I’m just going to get a million responses of the same old shit, but whatever….

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    Passing this alooong! I don’t think you can be a proper feminist until you understand what gender is and how it works.

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    Ugh god WOW that person up there is RUBBISH. Imma try collect my people now, sorry you’ve been hearing so much silence…

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    I’m taking time out of my vacation to say that these people are despicable and horrifying.

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    It says a lot about radfems that obviously the most important issue in this post is protecting their reputation. Rather…

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  482.  the-goggles said: man people really have faith in their cis allies don’t they
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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…IF YOU ARE NOT GUILTY, YOU ARE NOT LISTENING.

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    Paragraph bolded by me for yes yes, other boldings belong to their be-bolders.

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    Wait, people still identify as first wave feminists? I am going to go cry now.

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    thing…. If you’re not like this, then NO ONE’S TALKING TO YOU. This is such…huge,…

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    wouldn’t actual first wave feminists now qualify as the undead?

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    Bugbrennan also hates trans* men. I don’t know about her stated views on us, but she’s had a go at myself (a trans man)…

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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…Their anger is not destructive of anything except CISSCUM LIKE…

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    be careful when reading the blogs/comments because a lot of the shit being said is really gross/triggering

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    Ohhhh man my tumblr savior block list just got so much bigger holy shit.

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    I’m stuck on the “firstwavefeminist” thing as well. Uh…hate to break it to you, sunshine, but we sort of already have…

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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…Guess what ANGER IS PRODUCTIVE Always has been. Politeness is…

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    I’ve dealt with fucking no-kowtow and hedonisticparadise before. I can’t believe there are even more of them slinking…

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    What the fuck is this shit. Seriously? You see cis radfems ENCOURAGING VIOLENCE AGAINST A MARGINALIZED COMMUNITY, and…

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    Same here. If you only care about cis women, then stop claiming that you’re fighting for women’s rights. You’re just a…

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    Agreeing with Indigo I hope you lose ALL of your followers, you privileged asshole. If trans people tell you to shut the…

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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…You can’t actually ignore marginalizations. That isn’t how it…

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    Don’t you dare tell anyone they aren’t a person. The minute you do that, you condone violence and hate against them….

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    If we’re being told to check our privilege, it’s because we’re doing something oppressive. Yes, definitely, we as cis…

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    HEY. HEY YOU. PERSPECTIVEARTIST. First of all, you shouldn’t need incentive to help. Being a decent human being should…

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    WHAT THE FUCK?! Did you seriously tell youarenotyou that they are not a person??? You are a cisscum apologist and…

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    Hateful transphobic radfems confused about privilege?

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    Newsflash, you don’t get to tell marginalized peoples (in this case trans* people) how they should feel when someone is…

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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…you want some cheese with that whine? part of being human is…

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    The fucking fuck is this bullshit? Clearly bitches are jealous…amazing strong ladies.

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    well this is horrifying

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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…“cards” Do you realize that DEHUMANIZING SOMEONE is OPPRESSIVE…

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    I can’t believe you just interjected with this mess. You know that’s a form of psychological abuse. your privilege is…

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    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST BFF readers, stay tuned.

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    i hate you, radical feminist shitstain scum.

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    They call themselves an ally and don’t even understand the basic BASIC principles of how NOT to be a douchebag. They…

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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…Hey asshole… the oppressed minority doesn’t have any obligation…

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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…No, I’m sorry: you’re the oppressor here. by calling names (and…

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    There’s also this blog; particularly hateful toward the trans community: radfem cis-white lesbian bitch

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    buddies. Go deal with those

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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…This motherfucker literally just said that Tuesday is not a…

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    really wish I’d…this thread sooner, but I was at school today

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    is anyone really surprised that someone calling themselves a “first wave feminist” is a disgusting piece of shit?

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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…do you really expect trans* people to remain *calm* when their…

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    im-nobody—who-are-you:…Oh. People are people…. only if we’re polite though. Right….

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    How the fuck are you going to equate the way trans people are systematically marginalized with younotyou’s language of…

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    Dude…did it ever occur to you that some allies HAVE NEVER EVEN SEEN IT? Because I most certainly haven’t. If I do, it’s…

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    1- I don’t use the anon feature for bullshit. If I have something to say, I put my fucking name to it. Always. But hey,…

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    No. You are so very, very wrong. Here is a brief lesson about why you are wrong. Marginalized peoples do not have to…

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    Dear transfolk: BE AS RUDE AND LOUD AS YOU NEED TO BE. Not like my permission matters. At all. People who are offended…

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    “Happen to have some privilege” as a white cis woman Oh my God just shut the fuck up already

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    LOL you must have been Kinsey’s anon, you said the same crap verbatim. Wow. When marginalized people tell you to check…

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    Yuuuup. And (trying not to derail, so feel free to tell me to shut up if you like) people who are all like, “But my…

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    social justice Sally meme. It’s full of bad allies and shitty feminists trying…pretend…

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    Not good. Very not good. What are these people thinking spewing hate all over the web? Good god. :/

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    You don’t. You don’t need to be polite when people treat you like shit and dehumanize you. I don’t see why that’s so…

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    Hey, perspectiveartist…fellow cisfolk: selective sociopathy is not

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    Okay, I don’t know if any radical feminists follow me or not, but whatever the case may be, I will put in my two cents…

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    yeah i honestly don’t get why oppressed folk have to be polite in order for privileged “allies” to defend or even accept…

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    what makes you a shitty ally is the fact that you took the time to respond to me and tell me i’m “insulting” cis people…

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    You are scum Have a nice day xoxo~

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    EWWWW these people need to fuck off D:

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    “I reblogged it for a signal boost, so I’ll shut up now.” haha with allies like that who needs enemies? IM HELPING YOU…

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    This is a pretty typical example of cis people making transmisogyny about themselves. The blogs listed in the original…

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    you should’ve shut up before you said anything. cis scum includes cis people who cry about being lumped in with…

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    What the ever-loving

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    i was searching for this since there’s been a whole slew on my dash about trans women getting harassed and… i wish i…

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    Absolute scum on this earth hates…other reason than…from…

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    Of course they would. But that’s not what…OP said. They said “collect

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    i appreciate that you’re upset, but i do feel like i (a cis person) would do a better job “reining in” cis people who…

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    On my fucking lists.

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    Okay, while I appreciate what you’re doing, insulting people isn’t good incentive to make them help. Some people simply…

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    I don’t have the spoons to articulate my rage and grief over all this. ‘Radical Feminism’ needs to be over so badly,…

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    fuck transphobia

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    No, see, everytime we cis people make the attempt to defend trans people, we get shouted down, told to “Check our…

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    Now this? Cissexism from radfems? This is a poison in feminism that needs to have a spotlight shown on it and be made…

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    essentialism is a sign…stupidity and/or intellectual laziness, whether you’re coming at…

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    Not expecting much but hopeful.

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    Uhm…why do you have to call us cis scum? That’s pretty disgusting in and of itself…I don’t call *anyone* names…

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    I didn’t have the spoons for no-kowtow’s bullshit the other day, but I want everyone to know to watch out for these…

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    :/ I used to think radical feminist meant 100% unapologetic feminist, but now it just makes me ashamed to share the term…

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    I’m seriously disgusted and so upset right now.

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    Who the fuck are these creeps? :I holyshit.

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    There are some of these that I can’t manage to tackle right now because of the ableism, but I will try and at least send…

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    I can’t believe I was so stupid enough to once agree with radical feminism to a degree. Radical feminism is colonialist.

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    this is fucking disgusting, I had no idea these people were in tumblr, so thanks OP for the heads up. I di pride myself…

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    Cis person apologizing on their behalf. Oh my god, this shit is awful.

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    »”firstwavefeminist” »”firstwavefeminist” why the fuck would you ever want to put yourself in that wave

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    these radfems crawled out from? Anyone who calls themselves a feminist while spouting cissexist/racist/classist bullshit…

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    Hey there cis scum “feminists.”

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    Go away you you fucking Transmisogynists assholes! I don’t want your radfem shit anywhere near my feminism. You disgust…

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    What the fuck, people still identify as first wave feminists? Fucking privileged assholes, they have no fucking idea.

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    ew. why is this happening. 😦

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    I’m taking a deep breath cause of the ableism trigger warning, and going to check it out, see whether I have the spoons…

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    Went to their ask boxes and left a nice message!- “Fuck your basic-ass transphobic gender essentialist baseless…

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    I don’t expect many to listen. Most of them haven’t before.

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    post and to the commentary. I’m…trans woman or a person

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    I honestly think these bloggers are too stupid to understand what they’re saying, and this seriously unmotivates me,…

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    People have no right to call themselves feminists unless they acknowledge all women.

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    Adding to my cis scum list. Prepare for their ciswhines, people. I tagged all y’all bitches.

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    REBLOGGING THS TO SPREAD THE WORD. Even though I call myself a feminist I don’t follow a lot of feminist blogs on here…

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    like this is RIDICULOUS. And misinformed.

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    honestly, based on the very little i’ve seen of this “cotton ceiling” bullshit it is just not safe at all for a ton of…

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    Normally I don’t condone naming names, but radfems really…the earth. Anyone who claims…

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    Hey look! I made it on a hate list! I’m so proud. Truth be told, I didn’t ever care that much about the trans* issue before, seeing it as mostly a passing fad and a massive distraction. But the hate and abuse spewed at well-meaning radical feminists concerned about harmful attitudes towards lesbians has shown me that it is a very important issue for women indeed. Now you won’t silence me.

    Also, I’m concerned about the harm being done to young people in the name of the gender-worshipping trans*/queer ideology. It’s not right that our society has decided that having feelings of not identifying with the gender associated with the sex you are born with means that you must BE the other sex. That must greatly increase the absolutely normal distress caused by being forced to fit into a socially constructed gender. No one is born fitting into a gender and it hurts us all that we are forced to make ourselves fit into one. Let’s eliminate gender. For all.

    I’m disturbed that doctors insist that the cure for gender identity dysphoria is to submit to harmful surgeries and hormone treatments. That can’t be healthy. Even for those who deeply feel that they have the wrong genitals, the wrong biological sex. That should be dealt with as the psychological problem it is.

    In short, I feel nothing but compassion for transsexual and transgendered people, though I think you, along with non-trans women, are harmed more by your ideology than you are helped by it. I do not wish any harm to come to you. Far from it.

    But please stop spewing hate at women who are aware that gender is something imposed on us from the outside and that we are oppressed, physically harmed and pushed into gender roles and identities on the basis of our biological sex. We are trying maintain healthy boundaries to protect ourselves and escape that oppression. Stop trying to eliminate those boundaries and skew discourse about women’s oppression away from the biological realities that form the basis for a large part of that opression.





  4. From The Tea-Stained Captain’s Tumblr:

    “You can see what I doing in my bedroom right now, doesn’t make it not illegal to watch.”

    Ha ha!


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