Tracking Trans Responses

As a dyke, I have lived my life with the view that “nothing is sacred.” If something sounds bad, it probably is. Hence, my skepticism about gender identity theory.

In response to openly expressing such skepticism, some trans folks (and their “cis” allies) have, shall we say, adverse reactions. Conformity of thought is the new norm in the GLBT Movement.

This post will document fairly typical responses one hears when one says “controversial” things like:

“sex is not gender.”

“males are not females”

“females have a right to set a boundary and have it be respected.”

In response, some trans folks employ manipulative tools intended to get you to reject the logic of a trans-critical position and accede to a gender embracing world view. Don’t be fooled! These tricks are used by hucksters the world over the get their own way.

We offer this as a public service to the younger Gays and Lesbians of the world – because it is a rough time to be “just” Gay or “just”  Lesbian.

1) “I hope you understand that I may harm or kill myself if you purposely misgender me and then you’ll have that on your conscience, erm?”

#disgusting behavior #emotional blackmail #manipulation #self-harm #suicide

2) “ewwww, you are a transmisogynistic piece of shit. fuck you and your cissupremacy, radscum. and don’t tell oppressed people how they are allowed to react to their oppression at your hands.”

#disgusting behavior  #cult language #oppression olympics #abuse #mra #VIOLENCE

3) “You live in a world where hearing the words ‘die cis scum’ is the worst you can expect from transwomen, while you and your kind ACTUALLY rape and murder them, and get away with it scott free, EVERY FUCKING DAY. You call yourself a women battered bloody by the trans hordes because they defended themselves against your REAL violence by saying the words ‘die cis scum’? That’s NOT aggression, it’s SELF DEFENSE.”

#disgusting behavior  #oppression olympics #abuse #DENIAL #VIOLENCE #HYPERBOLE #LIES #ORWELLIAN


YOU brought up sex. YOU did. Don’t try that shit with me. How dare you say you think trans women are women and deserve respect, after you have called them men and abused them?

DID YOU SERIOUSLY call me an MRA? I hate men, so get the fuck out of here with that shit. Trans women are WOMEN. I happen to be ‘female bodied’, by your patriarchal bullshit fucking definitions, and I am telling you are WRONG. YOU FUCKING DARE TO TELL ME, A RAPE VICTIM AT THE HANDS OF MEN, THAT I AM AN MRA AND THAT I HAVE A RAPEY MENTALITY? FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU. I haven’t suggested it yet, but please, do go die in a fucking fire.


#disgusting behavior  #oppression olympics #abuse #DENIAL #VIOLENCE #HYPERBOLE #LIES #ORWELLIAN

5) Denial of Reality

6) You are dumb and unfuckable and driven by sexual impulses (just like Kinsey Hope)

Oh hey look, some motherfucking truth in all the radscum lies.

You’d think Bug, who’s a lawyer (with terrible haircut and the overwhelming urge to creep on and masturbate to any trans woman she knows of), would have the research skills to find this.

Seriously, how does that cisbian transmisogynistic bitch win any court cases?

7) I am going to shoot you

8) I swear to Amon if I see Cathy Brennan anywhere in NYC y’all are gonna see headlines. “Deranged Asian woman stabs another on the N Train”

9) Assorted anonymous threats.

10) Shooting Dykes at Pride

11) Once there are prisons for trans* folks I will be there for murder.

12) Lesbians Are Actually Just Making This Up

13) I want to slit her motherfucking throat

14) Homophobia


15) Moar Violence


  1. Fuck You · · Reply

    MRA? Fucking seriously? You’re going to call a woman fighting for her rights an MRA? You radscum are amazing.

    1. Yes, seriously.

  2. I really don’t understand your problem with gender identity. You believe in sexual identity right? So what’s so wrong when someone identifies as a woman but is not BIOLOGICALLY a woman? I am sure you came to know that your sexual identity was not a choice, but instead something you were born with. How is being transgendered any different?

    1. Hi Maya – You should read the other entries on this blog. If you have this question AFTER you have done this, drop another comment.

      1. wwomenwwarriors · ·

        Gender identity and sexual orientation are not the same.

        For one thing, sexual orientation doesn’t have a concrete biological reality attached to it, but biological sex is a concrete reality.

        Gender identity is more like saying “I feel like I can fly” and then jumping off a roof. We are radscum for DARING to say that what you “feel like” isn’t reality, just as feeling like and believing you can fly won’t make you fly. Of course you can go get surgically attached wings. But then….well…what would YOU think if someone was so sure they could fly that they got wings permanently attached to their bodies in order to prove it? Especially, what if this person told you they were born able to fly…but then got surgery, ironically, to make it so they could do what they claimed they could do already. Jesus fucking christ this shit gets circular real fast.

    2. kesher · · Reply

      I personally have no problem with it. Do whatever you will so long as your behavior doesn’t impact my life or my safety in any objective way.

      But there are a few things that made me turn away from transideology, and I know I’m not alone in this.

      First, there’s the idea that one person’s identity is sacrosanct, and questioning it, no matter the circumstances, is not only a hate crime but an act of violence (as Laverne Cox would have us believe). I have no obligation to view someone the way they want to be viewed. If I run into an individual who looks like a man, who acts as entitled as a heterosexual man, who dictates to me that I am *required* to view him/treat him/address him as a woman because of his own personal “identity” I have a problem with that. And if it makes me a bigot to respect the legal rights of transpeople but not abide by their subjective demands of how I *must* treat them on an individual level, so be it. If I don’t feel like calling someone “her” or “him”, that’s my business, and the fact that misgendering is so often met with violent threats speaks volumes about the trans community.

      Second, I see a very real risk to women and girls as gender identity continually gets rewritten from protection for people who legitimately have gender dysphoria to protection to anyone who makes a subjective claim “I am a woman”, with no medical documentation, no need for medical intervention, no change on government documents, no sex reassignment surgery. I’m not interested in legal protections for transwomen that throw open the doors to women’s locker rooms, shelters, or prisons to any cismale predator who pretends to be trans to gain female victims. As long as these protections are the *stated* position of the trans community, I feel I have no choice but to be transcritical and to be in opposition to the entrance of transwomen into women’s spaces. On this latter point, Ms. Brennan seems to share a similar opinion.

      1. If you ever come into contact with a clinical psychopath that is “cisgender,” you’ll understand trans MtT ideology way better. Their community is chock full of these types, even down very specific facial expressions characteristic of sociopathy. Somehow an entire movement for and by sociopaths isn’t recognized as such because most people can’t recognize sociopathic behavior and they’ve camoflaged themselves in social justice movements (see: sociopathic pretend martyrdom and victimhood). People think sociopaths are overtly malignant, but they are often intelligent and calculating, and garner lots of sympathy from mostly women.

  3. You are a disgusting human being, bugbrennan. I cannot believe someone purporting to be a feminist can be so ignorant and bigoted.

    1. No, I am not.

      Please give examples of ignorance and hate. Is it this: “Trans women are women, but they are not female.”

  4. michelle · · Reply

    I’m not sure which exudes the most male energy…the posters from the tee-gee crowd that were the creative impetus here or the first three comments that followed. For some reason, the folks at Umbrella Inc never seem to grasp that they are still too hung up on clinging to the (often) het (often) white male privilege they spent so many years benefiting from.

    And true to form, when they get told something they disagree with, what happens? Out comes the froth and vitriol that anyone not agreeing with them must be bigoted or radscum. The only thing missing so far here is to be called a transphobic person, but I am sure someone will be along to cast that stone as well.

    1. Grackle · · Reply

      Well said.

  5. Wow, you’re a disgrace to all women and all lesbians everywhere. What’s the matter, dearie, the right wing didn’t want you because you’re a gay feminist? Awww, boo. Don’t worry, I’m sure you can find somewhere to spew hate at people…I know, how about a blog! It’s for-reals-serious if it’s on the Internet!

    1. Um, no. But nice MRA talking there, sunshine.

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thank you for exposing them, bugbrennan. Hopefully they and their allies will wake up soon. This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated.

    1. We shall see, we shall see. I worry all they will see is “those rad fems are mean.”

  7. no, those “rad fems” are oppressive scum. you have no idea what you’re talking about, clearly. everything you say is incredibly offensive & harmful to peoples’ lives & existence. you really should open your mind just a tiny bit & actually work on educating yourself, because continuing to spout this complete BULLSHIT is fucked up. you have absolutely no real or truthful reasons as to why trans individuals do not have legitimate identities. you are, quite honestly, a complete idiot & i really hope that people do not take any of your information seriously & that you can eventually learn to not be a bigoted fuck. in this, i wish you luck.

    to people who run across this blog & disagree with everything bugbrennan feels the need to spout, i encourage you to respond & call her out on her completely cissexist, bigoted, harmful, & violent words & opinions. this cannot continue, people cannot continue to pretend that ANY of this is even remotely true or legitimate or has any sort of place in a real feminist movement.

    also, bugbrennan, i know, obviously, you will not agree with this comment & will only leave a completely dismissive & snarky response. so you really shouldn’t expend the energy to even try to pretend to engage in any kind of intelligent & informed conversation with me.

      1. You are seriously one of the most immature, bigoted people I have ever seen. I hope your children do not follow your example.

      2. Can you tell me what is immature and bigoted?

        Also, you do know it’s a classic tactic of men’s rights activists to call a woman a “bad mommy,” right?

      3. tessietura · ·

        did you just post someone’s facebook and encourage people to go troll them? yeah, if you’re a lawyer surely you’d know that’s not a smart idea.

      4. Feel free to sue me.

      5. tessietura · ·

        Feel free to go read up on laws regarding posting people’s personal information and encouraging people to harass them you old battleaxe.

      6. Watch out before I tell your parents you are acting like a little prick.

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  9. Thanks for adding my “little friend” to the roll-call of shame. There’s nothing like fresh air and bright sunshine to fumigate the feminist movement of these violent hate-mongers.

  10. […] in the GLBT Community is a sensitive one, one that Lesbians are afraid to discuss publicly for fear of being threatened or harassed. You may recall that in August 2011, I was one of the women who wrote a respectful letter asking […]

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  13. If you felt the need to write a blog like this than it is you who are the warring faction – what the fuck even is this than just another fucking stab – it’s just like fucking africa for fuck’s sake what a piece of shit you are. This is just like saying the congolese government is better than koney just because even though they want to kill gay people they don’t outright admit to employing child soldiers… – for fuck’s sake is this how you actually think??? this is seriously messed up – as a bisexual gender-queer/trans-woman i’m straight up fucking disgusted by this. Do you even know what being a feminist means?? also do you even know a single trans person or have any idea what their lives actually entail? I’ve never heard a single trans-person ever try to swing this nonsense on people. The only thing I’ve ever heard from them is “please treat me like a human being” – in fact the only bullshit like this i’ve ever heard is from militant feminists that employ walking hypocrisy as their philosophy or *fill in the blank* bullshit politician.

    god i hope this article was sarcastic…. FOR YOUR SAKE – because none of us are fooled.

    1. kesher · · Reply

      So specific, real life examples of transpeople threatening those who disagree with them isn’t enough for you?

      Also, Cathy Brennan does (did) know at least one transwoman. That transwoman threatened to murder Ms. Brennan *and* her children and has suffered no castigation as far as I can tell from the overarching trans “community”. I’ve only seen gender critical (aka “truscum”) transpeople calling Dana Lane Taylor out for her behavior.

  14. Catherine Ditheridge · · Reply

    Strange how my nice letter to you didnt make it onto this page, oh wait no its not because you are just spreading hate.

    1. What on earth are you talking about?

      1. Catherine Ditheridge · ·

        Im talking about how you have just cherry picked the worst responses you have received whilst ignoring any correspondence made in a grown up manner. You are as bad as the patriarchy, real feminists promote equality, you just want to provoke aggression and hatred.

      2. I have not had any correspondence from you. Also, seriously?

  15. Catherine Ditheridge · · Reply

    Actually you have, on the gender identity bit of this site, looooong letter, introduced myself, tried to start a dialogue, you called me sir and said sorry about my penis? Not surprised you don’t remember, doesn’t benefit your platform of hatred to acknowledge non-violent correspondence. I think its terrible that a small minority in the trans community feel the best way to counter your hate-spiel is to return fire in an aggressive manner, that’s not how you stand up to a bully, you talk it out like a grown up and expose the bully for the close-minded individual that they are! Its a shame that instead of actually fighting the patriarchy you spend so much time being mean and even endangering the safety of trans women. Feminism is about equality not hatred, I hope one day you will realize how your misplaced anger has harmed feminism.

    1. Also, sir, this is for you, because you have a sequence of events problem:

    2. kesher · · Reply

      I didn’t realize that cismen suffering from insecure masculinity (you know, the people who actually harm transpeople, women or men) read radical feminist blogs.

  16. Rainbow · · Reply

    Hi Cathy 🙂 I’m glad that you had such an easy time coming out as a lesbian that you can’t relate to the struggles of others as they find their own identities in this confusing world, but I thought you might like to read this really interesting essay. I know that you’re an attorney and therefore a smart woman, so I hope you won’t have any trouble understanding the 18th century language. And before you decide that the article must be on the side of the trans women and men, if you take the time to read it you’ll see that it’s actually a really beneficial read no matter what your opinion is.

  17. Rainbow · · Reply

    You won’t even read it? :O
    Instead of undermining your intelligence by making the disrespectful presumption that you refuse to read one of the greatest writers and philosophers of all time, should I presume you have already studied this at law school and therefore can easily debate his ideas? I just wanted to know what you think. I personally think it;s beautiful.

    1. Sure, that’s what I meant.

      Feel free to call me at 410-336-9857 and we can debate all you like.

  18. Keep up the good work, Kathy. It’s time for young girls and women that are struggling with their sexuality to open their eyes and realize these men in skirts and want sex with them ( I actually met one in the summer while waiting on the bus. He kept looking at us and kept coming closer, until finally he tried to coerce my cousin-whom is underage- try to come home with him. “My apartment is just right around the block, we can just hang out and watch movies. Would you like that?” we both said no thanks, it was really awkward and he started freaking out. ” I thought you were both cool and open minded. I guess not. You girls should be ashamed of yourselves.” we ignored himboth walked away from the stop really fast,
    went to a nearby WalMart and told the security guard in case he followed us. I checked ur page on google and read all about the Cotton Ceiling and it really is freaky not to mention dangerous. I’ll continue to fight the good fight, sincerely, anon

    1. Ps not a native speaker forgive me but I do know what is right and wrong and this is wrong.

  19. This little man published my full name and address on several video comments when he didn’t like the comments I left for him and other wannabe women.
    I have reported him to Youtube but fear I may not have found every place he left my name and address.
    I do not have personal info on Youtube and have no idea how he found out my name and where I live.

    If the link doesn’t work his ID on Youtube is TheNoBSTS
    (The no bull shit transsexual)

    1. Thanks for the tip.

    2. If you want to message me, I can give you tips as to how he found you –

  20. […] Guardian recently found her the target of the death threats and rape threats that have become the absolute norm for Trans Activists, identical to comments made by Men’s Rights Activists […]

  21. […] basis. Cathy Brennan, for example, has had to take out a restraining order because she has been so aggressively threatened that she actually fears for her physical safety. The reason I call this irony is because there is a […]

  22. Read through the links. #4 has the person (Vivian de milo) stating that women also rape and kill trans women. Tried to find one case where this happened. Closest was a trans man (aka female at birth) in spain, kept prisoner and abused, robbed, and died while being held captive at the hands of two women. No reports of trans women being attacked by females. So I would love to see any evidence that females are attacking trans women, to back up this dubious claim that purportedly justifies threatening the lives of females who dare “say something you don’t like”. Reminds me of the following: “men’s biggest fear is that women will laugh at them. Women’s biggest fear is that men will kill them”. Women, let alone lesbians, are not endangering trans women.

    1. Can you drop a link to that Spanish case>

      1. Anonymous · ·

        Roberto Gonzalez Onrubia. Googlable. (Sorry no cut-paste ability on my phone). Born Concepcion.

  23. […] Self-proclaimed Sociopath Tony D’Orsay failing to realize that there is no need for an ANONYMOUS site to “rant” about “radfems,” because YOU ALL THREATEN TO KILL US QUITE PUBLICLY. […]


    Lee Forsyth
    Edinburgh x


    This just completely astounded me. Yes the threats from the Trans community, though defending themselves, are completely wrong however, on the same notion so is your hateful attacks on people who are struggling day after day with gender identity issues which are real.

    Let’s put it into perspective shall we?

    Gay’s and Lesbians over generations have been oppressed and viciously attacked be it verbally or emotionally. It is popular belief that being attracted to and having physical relationships with a person of the same gender is not only unnatural but just plain wrong. This belief has seen countless LGB people assaulted, killed, bullied to the point of suicide and put through extremely traumatizing events such as ceremonies to “exorcise” the “demons” causing the individuals to be gay. Not to mention being rejected by friends, family and being discriminated against in public places.

    The brain which controls these feelings and desires is at fault, It’s a neurological issue. The part of the brain which is supposed to control the basic instincts to copulate has mixed up and has developed as the other sex would have. This however is a natural occurrence through all of nature and although it is very misunderstood as “choice” it is something that can not be helped or changed. As a lesbian you should understand that. Tomorrow you won’t just wake up straight.

    Transgenderism.. or the medical term, Gender Dysphoria, is no different to that, Unless you yourself have felt that extreme hatred and disgust for your body and recognized that you don’t feel “right” in your own skin in regards to your genitals and what pronouns people use towards you or how they view you, you have no right to comment on whether it is wrong or not. It is safe to admit you don’t understand it, as it stands even a lot of people suffering from gender dysphoria don’t, but to treat their condition as bullshit and purposely go out of your way to degrade them further is absolutely unacceptable, and dare I say it very hypocritical when coming from a minority group who has felt the same discrimination and is still fighting for their rights all over the world.

    Accepting the fact that people are suffering with these issues is common decency and shows who you are as a person and when it comes to pronouns, referring to them as their preferred pronoun is a right they have. It is completely dickish for you to think you should be an exception to the rule and in my honest opinion this whole post just paints you as an immature and very nasty person who feels the need to degrade others, no better than the people in countries such as Nigeria, currently executing people for being homosexual. You should be utterly ashamed of yourself. Especially when you are completely bypassing the fact that your behavior is disgusting yet judging others as having “disgusting behavior” for trying to defend themselves against sheer Transphobic attacks.

    1. Where in the Constitution does it say men have the right to be called “she”?

    2. Yep, Nigeria is executing homosexuals. The US is just making them mutilate their genitals and take carcinogenic synthetic hormones.

  25. […] activists regularly use social media to threaten to rape and kill Women who disagree with their ideology.  We hope they take note of this […]

  26. MamaMOB · · Reply

    What business is it of yours to begin with? Why does it matter to you what someone else does to their body and their life? Why do you feel that you have to be right about gender being what you are born as? Why can’t, or why do you refuse to, see that you are putting the same pain on others that’s still put on you? These are the things I don’t understand. I don’t give a flying fuck what your opinion is and no one else should either since being trans doesn’t effect you. But I do find it sad that people are so interested in hurting other people for how they live their lives and I wish those judgmental people,like you, would just die off.

    1. Except it does impact women, because you demand we see you as women and you seek access to our space. So…. stop doing that.

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