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Tobi Hill-Meyer Sees Trees, Misses Forest

Pornographer Tobi Hill Meyer recently penned an article for Bilerico regarding the failure of the R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility in California to house two men who think they are women in the same cell. ┬áIn the article, Tobi attrributes the failure of these two men to be housed together on “feminists.” Seriously. But, more importantly, […]

An Open Letter to Jennifer Meyer and Kate Hill

Dear Jennifer and Kate – Hello. My name is Cathy Brennan, and I am a lesbian activist in Baltimore, Maryland. I am also – like you – a mother. I want to thank you for blazing a trail in 1983 for lesbian parenting. That took amazing courage. Your actions helped make it possible for Lesbians […]

In which Tobi Hill-Meyer Demonstrates a Lack of Reading Ability

Tobi Hill-Meyer I’m stunned by the otherwise trans supportive queer folks who are buying into the anti-trans arguments around the cotton ceiling. This is coming from a woman who wrote a letter to the UN asking that gender identity non-discrimination not be instated. She makes no attempt to hide the fact that she has a […]