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What About the WOMEN?

Recently, a friend ran across a PowerPoint from 2009 entitled Transgender Inmates in California’s Prisons: An Empirical Study of a Vulnerable Population. The PowerPoint apparently summarizes a study that examined the significant problem of prison rape and the responsibility of prison officials under the Prison Rape Elimination Act to prevent it. No doubt, prison rape is a […]

Straight Lady Tells Lesbians That Our Desire to Avoid Peen is Transphobic

Cathy Brennan bugbrennan@gmail.com to Jill.Filipovic@gmail.com date Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 4:11 PM subject Feministe’s Lesbophobia mailed-by gmail.com hide details 4:11 PM (1 minute ago)   Jill – Why is it transphobic for Lesbians to have concerns over the so-called cotton ceiling theory? Lesbians are not barrier to be broken. I am appalled that you would characterize a petition […]