Here, Have Some Kittens

hang_in_there_kitty2 the-best-picture-on-the-internet


  1. Thank you? 🙂 (that second one is just creepy…)

    1. LOL it’s the best photo on the Internet!

      1. i liked it! haha

  2. Passing Leftie · ·

    …like a fish needs a bicycle!

  3. Thank you so much for defending female only spaces. I have come late to this debate over what constitutes a female and I apologise. I have no animus towards transpeople. Life is hard, everyone finds something that makes sense to them in this mental world.
    The issue that i find worrying about the trans debate is the that I have seen no understanding about the female and child protection in female only space.

    Are these trans women mental??? Have they never been told: to never have sweets from strange men???. This, apart from all the concern I have for them as victims of dickheads. why don’t they UNDERSTAND? That the abuse will be more terrible if we have open changing rooms and toilets for any man in a wig.

    My partner is an adult male with a 14 year old daughter. (He feels: rather live and let live with other people he comes into contact with). He is no radical feminist or no “Gary Lager” Who is an arsehole). There is NO WAY he wants a male in female changing rooms.

    These trans people “forcing themselves*” onto Lesbians and Liberal Campuses will REALLY come a cropper when they find themselves forcing their “female identitity” onto Hetero Males and the Females they feel responsible for.

    *I mean forcing not talking

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