GataAgressiva411 & Male Violence

Christmas Day, 2012.

GataAgressiva411 to OTHER WHITE FEMINIST: Thank you for sharing this article with me. I read it, and I agree with what’s said here. As for the CT shootings, I’m restricting the amount of energy I give that incident because people of color are suffering from regular casualities such as these each and every day, in different ways. I cannot and will not give extra energy to violence as it concerns middle white America-a point which was not raised in this written piece. White male pathology and violence looks and behaves very differently than that of men of color, and the fact that it is WHITE men who are the ones gunning down women and children was not explicitly stated. Although I appreciate that Brennan pointed out how male violence against women is not considered the same as other forms of violence-true words. We must be prepared to address the nuances of all violence in all forms. It’s much more complex than “men against women”.

Thanks again!

GataAgressiva411 to OTHER WHITE FEMINIST: P.S. I’m reading about the trans-activist attack against Cathy at Dyke March. Very troubling.

OTHER WHITE FEMINIST: I really appreciate what you are saying, and agree with you whole-heartedly. Thank you for helping to educate me. I will pass along your observations to Cathy since I know that she wishes to be on target and aware of the nuances of violence in all of its forms as well. If we can connect the dots, using this massive computer communications technology we have in today’s world, perhaps we will be able to more effectively dismantle and prevent white male violence. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

OTHER WHITE FEMINIST to Cathy Brennan: hi Cathy,
I found this in my facebook this morning and wanted to share it with you. I posted your article “It’s the same male violence” onto a new fb friend of mine’s wall. She is a young black womon that … recommended I get to know in my quest for deeper knowledge and understanding of racism and sexism. (Above), is what she had to say about your article and the CT shootings.

An article about the differences between white male violence and black male violence could be an interesting and relevant follow-up to the original article you wrote.  Somehow, with all this increased communication, hopefully there will come a time of expanded collective consciousness and societal healing. I really like (her) videos, if you ever get the chance to watch them.

Cathy Brennan: I don’t think it’s different violence.  I think it is male violence.

Your friend might like perusing

OTHER WHITE FEMINIST: Thanks Cathy. I will pass it along to her. How do you explain that the vast majority of shooting sprees in America are done by WHITE men? Race must play some sort of factor.

Cathy Brennan: Yes, but so what? What does that tell us? Is it their whiteness that makes them violent? Is it their whiteness that makes them more violent in a specific way? If that’s the case, and we stop there, how do we account for the violence perpetrated by (black) men against woc? Also, the msm is all over the white male violence angle – I think they’re missing the boat. Male violence is the focus, and male violence hits women in different ways – the focus of white male violence, as if it is more worthy of inquiry, does nothing to bring attention to violence impacting communities of color. Indeed, it derails the convo. I had discussion on this w another woman on my FB page and hers, if you are friends w both of us, you could see that.

OTHER WHITE FEMINIST: I can’t find it on her fb wall. What was the date on it? I can ask her too and will.  What do you know about the origins of sexism versus the origins of racism? How can we unite around a common cause? I am not into white women apologizing and promoting them having a guilt complex…I want to help create conversations and social environments where we can feel good about ourselves, even if we are ignorant of some things…what is “msm”? Thanks for being a mentor to me…or maybe I should say “womontor”? ( :


  1. Also, since we are talking about “dancing”

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  3. I agree Cathy. Not to mention that in almost any war (if not all), be it within or outside a country’s borders, armed men, regardless of whether they were an army of black men or white men, have massacred and raped thousands to millions of women and girls. There were the actions of white GI men and Russians during WWII, both of whom together left millions of women and girls raped. Then of course there was the Rape of Nanking, the civil war in Rwanda, the civil war in Venezuela, the civil war in Nigeria, the civil war in Syria currently, all of which have included MASS rapes of women and girls (as well as killing them outright before or after, of course); etc etc etc. I’d go on, but I’m sure many rad fems already know of these wars and more

    Male violence is a global phenomenon and comes in many forms – it is not only the domain of white men.

  4. ibrahim jamal divine allah muhammad abdulrakeem jackson III · ·

    cool story. “If we can connect the dots, using this massive computer communications technology we have in today’s world”

    yes – invented and developed by white men. hypocrites

    1. Hypocrites? Or sitting ducks?

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