BREAKING NEWS: A Pregnant Man!

Sex is not gender. Sheesh.

And I mean it, I am already bored with this conversation.


  1. If they’re so upset about the “uphelpfully simplistic way” in which you are defining male, perhaps they should take their issues up with biology which stands to agree with you. Strange folks these trans are.

  2. BadDyke · ·

    Yep, take it up with evolution.

    “uphelpfully simplistic way” — yep, never mind whether it is factually accurate and a scientifically (as well as totally bleedin obvious) way to define ‘sex’ and ‘gender’, if it DOESN’T reflect my personal belief system, it is unhelpful, simplistic (and just plain wrong).

    It’s thinking that playing games with re-defining the WORDS is enough, and that you can then IGNORE what those words actually refer to.

    1. LOL. Yes. That.

  3. This forum is completely insane:

    “…perhaps as a literary theorist I’m more comfortable with the apparent paradox. The language of “male” and “female” is not neutral and descriptive, it is also prescriptive and begins right from the start with cissexist assumptions.

    What I mean is:

    I am a woman, therefore *every* part of me is female. My penis doesn’t get exempted from that.

    Otherwise you begin with a process of splitting the body into “male” and “female” parts that negates trans identifications. Because any remainder in a cissexist world posits us as liars.”

    My lit theory trumps your science! Nothing means anything unless I say it does! I’m a seagull!

    “…every part of my body is female, including my unusually large clit that happens to look like what most people call a penis.

    your “science” is stepping all over my reality.”

    Unsurprisingly, I’ve seen transactivists propose the use of words like “neuroatypical” rather than “mentally ill.” They know on some level that they’re batshit crazy and think they can cut sane people off at the pass. It’s just so unfair to privilege one mental state over another! We all have our own truth! They’re so solipsistic they never consider the chaos that would ensue if everyone were as self-involved and fantasy prone as they are.

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