I developed political analysis and strategy in Maryland to advocate for a statewide law to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. I also advocated for rights based on sexual orientation at the municipal level in Maryland.

I was one of the original critics of the “gender identity” bills first forth by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force around 1997. The weakness in this legislation informs my political views.

Past Press

“New poll shows support for gay rights law,” The Gazette by S. Greenfield (July 26, 2001); “Graziano to meet with gay activists Official `seeks guidance’ after December outburst,” Baltimore Sun by G. Epstein (February 6, 2001); “Gay Rights Bill Clears Md. Senate; Discrimination Ban Survives Filibuster,” Washington Post by D. LeDuc (March 28, 2001); “Anti-bias agency’s funds in jeopardy Proposed 26% cut in budget questioned by minority groups,” Baltimore Sun by N. Thompson (April 12, 2001); “Homosexuals win challenge to state sex practices law; Judge bars special rules for same-gender couples,” Baltimore Sun by C. Francke (October 17, 1998); “You got ’em, but you can’t smoke ’em ‘,” Baltimore Sun by L. Vozzella (February 1, 2006); “Respect for Glendening grows on national level Magazine: The public doesn’t get excited about him in Maryland, but the governor’s Smart Growth initiative has earned him a prestigious national designation,” Baltimore Sun by M. Dresser (November 21, 2000); “State senator targets `militant homosexuals’ in fund-raising letter; Republican Mooney criticized by gays, Senate president,” Baltimore Sun by M. Dresser (August 12, 1999); “Mayor welcomed at Pride Festival In wake of Graziano incident, task force on gay issues created,” Baltimore Sun by H. Dewar (June 18, 2001); “Gay, lesbian activists target Maryland law; Plaintiffs say statute criminalizes sex lives,” Baltimore Sun by C. Francke (August 26, 1998); “Arundel man challenges gay rights Activist takes lead in effort to overturn new Maryland law,” Baltimore Sun by H. Libit (June 2, 2001); “Anti-Gay Bias Alleged in Md. Sex Law; ACLU Suit Demands Equal Treatment Under Criminal Statutes,” Washington Post by P. Goodman (February 6, 1998).

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