“Marriage sucked all the air out of the room”

”Marriage sucked all the air out of the room.”

If I had to guess, I would think that making comments that challenge Gays and Lesbians for daring to attend to their own needs wouldn’t endear Sharon Brackett, a Trans Woman and board chair for Gender Rights Maryland, to the Gays and Lesbians who finally gained some measure of equality after a decades-long struggle.

Some free advice – maybe don’t piss off the people you are counting on to advance your flawed legislative agenda.


  1. Too bad, so sad. Not. The Trans agenda has been a thorn in the side of the alphabet soup organizations for a while now. Especially as the “L” or lesbians have been co-opted by trans*women who think they are lesbians.

  2. When will they learn to drop their special snowflake bills and just join the rest of us in trying to end all sex-based discrimination? Why is this gender shit so important to them? Jeez.

    1. A friend on Facebook sent me this message: “wow, Sharon Brackett is an asshole. Marriage wishes it had the 63% support of “gender rights” polling? Didn’t marriage have that support in MD before the negative NOM ads? Marriage won at the polls by 52.4%. I wonder how “gender rights” would do once NOM came to town and started ads about men in your locker room with Colleen Francis’ picture all over your tv.”

  3. Good god, gays and lesbians don’t owe trans people shit. I’m so sick of trans people moaning that we put our own priorities first and don’t pander to them ever minute.

  4. Check out the deranged hate blog of trans activist Kat Rose, which is called EndaBlog. Rose called on transgender people to vote against marriage equality in Maryland. He wanted to hurt gay families in revenge for gay rights advocates having the audacity to focus on gay rights and not prioritizing transgender bathroom selection issues. He was probably quite disappointed when it passed in Maryland anyway.

    When are lesbians going to speak out on the damage that “LGBT” has done to lesbian and gay rights? Why do we have to defend ourselves for fighting for gay equality and why is it a gay and lesbian responsibility to prioritize the demands of heterosexual crossdressers and transsexuals?

    1. Kat Rose aka Otto Cordray is the godfather of trans misogyny.

  5. […] I and others have personally communicated our concerns to anti-feminist activists Dana Beyer and Sharon Brackett, as well as Senator Rich Madaleno, for years.  However, these transwomen and men chose to ignore […]

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