The Female Vote

Mr. Legitimate Rape lost.

Mr. God’s Gift Rape lost.

New Hampshire voted an all-women delegation.

Joseph Smith Endless Celestial Sex Man lost.

My Uterus feels pretty good.

What are your thoughts about the 2012 Presidential Election?


  1. The imperialist candidate won over the other imperialist candidate.

    Guess what the winner did after he won? He bombed Yemen.

    Imperialism wins again! Hooray for imperialism!

    1. Yes. Do you have any thoughts about the Women’s Vote, specifically with regard to the Legitimate Rape and God’s Gift Rape defeats?

      1. My thoughts on that is that, obviously, it’s a good thing that the individual men who propagate such lies are marginalized politically, but it doesn’t eradicate the ideology that fuels those lies. It also doesn’t erase the fact that patriarchal arguments are still driving public policy. Even women who have the best of intentions still use arguments (such as self-ownership) which buy into the patriarchal worldview.

  2. If your point to me is about defensive voting, then let me reassure you that I fully understand defensive voting and fully support anyone who does it. If that’s why you vote, then all the power to you.

    And I don’t understand why any woman or working class person would vote Republican. Then again, I’ve voted one time in federal elections and I voted Liberal Party (which is moderate right-wing, in Canada), so I’m not really one to talk…But in my defense, I was young and still not aware of anything like class consciousness or feminism.

      1. I may be biased, seeing as I see those musically challenged morons every Christmas season, but the Salvation Army part pisses me off the most. They are a pretty evil organization, there’s no doubt about it in my mind…

      2. Yeah, that pissed me off too. Although the tire slashing thing is a red flag…

      3. Yea, I think anyone who slashes people’s tires is probably not very emotionally stable. Even if you hate someone, geeze… That’s hardly a sane way of dealing with that. But I don’t know the context, so…

      4. Male violence. I’d be curious to know what else he’d been charged with.

      5. You think ey’s the raging type? That’s probably true. Who knows…

      6. I wouldn’t have voted for him!

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