Hello, Orwell

Guilt and shame are powerful tools for control, and are used with regularity by so-called leaders of the GLBTQWTF Movement and their lemmings against Gays and Lesbians who don’t sign onto the Movement’s Party Line on Gender Identity.

hai tony!

An accusation made with astonishing regularity against Radical Feminists and Pro-Feminist Men who object to Gender Identity is that we are “just like Fred Phelps” or Maggie Gallagher. That is, that our Feminist objections to Gender Identity are rooted in some conservative religious bigotry.

It is to laugh. It is absurd. But, alas, it is sometimes effective to curtail pro-Feminist speech, as most Gays and Lesbians pride themselves on not being religious lunatics and fear – for a moment (and sometimes for a long moment) – that because this accusation is uttered, it might be true.

And, of course, the more a lie is repeated, the more it sounds true. And the more people who repeat the lie, the harder it is for an individual to crawl out from underneath that heavy rock and say “hey, y’all are wrong.”

But it is still a lie, nonetheless.

Yes, I notice Fred Phelps and Maggie Gallagher are on the cutting edge of objecting to sex stereotypes that limit the universe of who a Woman is. They are also right out there, the first to speak up when Men in Woman Face encroach into Women’s Space. And they for sure object to the idea that Woman = Fuckhole for Men.

They Care A Lot About That.

No, of course they don’t.

Ironically, it’s the GLBTQWTF Movement that shares a bed with Conservatives, not Radical Feminists.

gay guy tells dykes to smile and wear makeup. hello, 1950.

It is a Conservative notion – not a Progressive one – that Gender Identity is Innate; that is, that there is a Female Brain that makes one desire all things “feminine.”

It is a Conservative notion that Performing Femininity makes one Female.

It is a Conservative notion that Women are nothing more than Fuckholes for Men.

It is a Conservative notion that Women deserve no space of our own or any say over with whom we congregate.

It is a Conservative notion that Women don’t get to decide what we do with our bodies.

It is not Radical Feminists who support these Conservative notions – it is the GLBTQWTF Movement.

You adorable little Genderqueers with your funny names and obsessions with pronouns – you are fronting for the greatest stealth Conservative Movement in modern times.

It makes me laugh, except when it makes me want to cry.

But at least you’ll be having all teh hot queer sex. Because that’s what liberation means (Liberation is apparently very sticky.)

they are nothing if not predictable

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  1. zrusilla · ·

    The bad-mommy shaming is beyond despicable. Note the line drawn between you and a conservative *woman*, not any conservative *father*. Shameful.

    1. Yes. But JULIE DOUCET! Swoon. I have a tat of her on my back. I have heard Maggie Gallagher has the same tattoo. Yanno, because we’re twinsies.

      1. I *love* Julie Doucet’s Dirty Plotte. Not literally, mind you.

      2. I love it as well. My tattoo is Julie tripping over herself to answer the phone, if you recall those panels.

      3. Not offhand. I have “An English Lesson” tacked up on my bulletin board, which as a speaker of French as a foreign language really crack me up.

  2. Carolyn in Baltimore · ·

    I love moms who tell their kids they can be who they want to be but hey – self mutilation is a bad self-hating idea.

  3. It’s painful to continue to have the same argument, but what else is there when the genderists don’t/won’t listen (ha! not listening to women! also something new). I think the real damage done is when people uphold these sex stereotypes to be true and then raise children in that environment. What’s damaging is non-gender-conforming kids being put on puberty blockers because their parents are uncomfortable. What’s damaging is legislation eroding women’s safety when any man in a dress can claim to be a woman and access services meant for women. And what Carolyn in Baltimore said – physical transitioning is self-mutilation. That’s pretty damaging.

    1. Yep, yep and yep.

    2. zrusilla · ·

      I am agnostic on trans. What I don’t like is poorly-written law, where terms are not carefully defined and input from affected parties is not considered. I am also not surprised by the pressure for women to put themselves last. This expectation is general, women are expected are expected to solve all other -isms first.

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