A Pregnant 14-year-old = Raped

A 14-year-old girl who is pregnant was raped.

Fla. Stat. § 794.03.  Unlawful to publish or broadcast information identifying sexual offense victim  (“rape shield law”)

No person shall print, publish, or broadcast, or cause or allow to be printed, published, or broadcast, in any instrument of mass communication the name, address, or other identifying fact or information of the victim of any sexual offense within this chapter, except as provided in s. 119.071(2)(h)or unless the court determines that such information is no longer confidential and exempt pursuant to s. 92.56. An offense under this section shall constitute a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office released her information.

Media contact Donna Wood in the Polk County Sheriff’s Office told me that the although the investigation is ongoing, the department is looking into filing “lewd and lascivious” charges against another juvenile for getting her pregnant. She states that the rape shield law doesn’t apply.

However, Florida criminal law makes it a criminal act for any person to engage in sexual activity with a person 12 years of age or older but less than 16 years of age, so I am unsure as to why the rape shield law WOULDN’T apply (as Cassidy is a “sexual offense victim.”).

Because it’s important for political careers to violate the Rape Shield law.


  1. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

    Yeah… WHY WOULDN’T IT? The lessening of charges against rapists so as not to “ruin his life” PISSES ME OFF VERY VERY MUCH.

  2. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

    She must be demonized and held up as an example, MARKED with a red X, for killin’ teh baybeeee!

    What about the rapist who FUCKED UP HER LIFE and left her to deal with this no doubt unwanted pregnancy (along with her parents) alone?!

    Yeah… I know what this is allll about. And, i know you do, too. >:C

  3. First, she must be demonized for having sex. This means, of course, that she led some boy or some young MAN into having sex. She is a slut. She got pregnant, which is her just punishment. Then, however, she must be punished for getting pregnant. So now that she killed the baby after it was born, ALL OF THE THINGS IN STATEMENTS 1-5 ARE PROVEN TRUE.


  4. Carolyn in Baltimore · ·

    I note they think the rapist is a juvenile also – so obviously she raped him so she could get preggers and commit murder.

  5. Poor cassidy 😦

  6. the tragedy is that society with all its means induces in young people to have sex and to enjoy life but punishes pregnancy at this age. She killed her baby because she felt ashamed for what had happened. She had to find a solution, she could not talk to anybody at all. So one can say society is guilty as much as she is. Nobody can condemn society but they can condemn a girl for her helplessness. Ask for who is the father of the killed baby, Maybe she was raped and didnt tell either.

    1. Is it you, Mark?

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