Allyson Clarke Denies Appearing In A Video of Her Accosting Me

This is awkward.


    1. BadDyke · ·

      A choice quote:

      “Plus, since trans women (especially young transitioners, i.e. me) identify as female their whole lives and are neurologically almost identical to cis females their whole lives, they react to socialization designed for females, and tune out that designed for males.”

      Neurologically identical is utter crap for starters. See above.

      But even crappier is this claim that BECAUSE we are neurologically different, we somehow ‘react’ to the appropriate socialisation. Which says that our female brains REALLY ARE designed to like pink and sparkly, shoes and shopping, gossip and team sports etc etc.

      Rather, say, than us just responding to female socialisation because we are treated differently from boys as soon as we emerge into this world, and have it drummed into us day after day what proper girls like.

      O dear, it’s just. yet again, the rough-and-tumble, and trucks, and maths, and engineering, and positions of power, and having a better rate of pay, doesn’t FIT my poor ole neurologically female brain………………

      1. doublevez · ·

        I got lost in the shuffle back when it was “blue” my girly bits were supposed to respond to. God what a confusing time that was for me.

  1. So sexually harrassing a woman is a ok if you are a woman…got it, very very feminist of you

    BTW Trans women are women, it is scientifically proven that some people\’s brains don\’t match their bodies. They are not being deceptive, just expressing who they really are. Try picking up a science book sometime, instead of acting like a bigot!

    1. LOL at “sexually harassing.” Lunatic.

      1. So your saying it is appropriate to tell somone who is arguing with you and probably feels uncomfortable already to sit in your lap…thats gross and creepy…how the hell are you a feminist? You obviously mad her feel uncomfortable it is up to her to describe the experience not you…and it was a joke..the hell.

      2. You do realize these people approached me in a hostile manner at a Dyke March, right?

    2. hagocrat · ·

      LOL at “try picking up a science book sometime”

      this sure likes the hat-wearer in the video to me

      1. massive raging homo who enjoys man flesh on the wide? wut?

      2. doublevez · ·

        How would it be possible to misgender that person. They’ve got it all covered, except, furries are pouting now.

    3. Om Kalthoum · ·

      Deb, are you a dyke? Have you ever been to a dyke march? Have you ever been to any dyke event? There are two possible answers to those who even feel they need to respond to a laughing invitation to sit in a dyke’s lap after a dyke march: yes or no. If instead of yes or no, a person’s immediate response is to shriek “sexual harassment,” then that’s a big hint that there’s something waaaaay off about the person doing the complaining. Firstly, women just don’t react that way. Secondly, women just don’t react that way. The person in the hat makes a mockery of what women who face real sexual harassment and much more deal with on a daily basis.

      If the person in the hat is what we have to contend with at dyke marches nowadays, maybe it’s time to start having Real Dyke Marches.

      1. Grackle · ·

        Exactly, I’d love it if the only form of sexual harrassment I received was a comparatively smaller person asking me if I wanted to sit on her lap from 4 feet away. Privileged crybaby.

  2. doublevez · ·

    There is NO study that proves what you’ve said. But you know, men have been lying to women for ages, so no blame to you if you believe that quackery.

    The **science**

    1. The science I have read on this subject is valid and objective..There was no mysogny or sexism in the texts I read. Also listening to peoples experiences helps too….their is so much varience in gender and sexuality. Honestly, I really don’t understand why people care….it has nothing to do with feminism..Trans women and Trans men just want to live their lives in peace.

      1. Does it occur to you that I felt incredibly threatened and that one of the tactics I use when I feel threatened is humor?

  3. Okay so he is now saying he wasn’t there…. he was going on and on about it on his blog, how he was the person you “sexually harassed” lol. This dude is seriously messed up! I watched the whole video you uploaded to Vimeo, I was completely disgusted by you being accosted like that, and I don’t know how you kept your cool with that futile conversation! Anyways, keep up the good fight, you have more support then you know. Eddie

    1. thanks sister

  4. doublevez · ·

    “The science I have read on this subject is valid and objective.”

    LOL. Now I know you haven’t got anything.

    1. BadDyke · ·

      Yep, the supposed science can’t even tell a female brain from a male with any degree of certainty (apart from hat size, that is a pretty good indicator!).

      The supposed transwomens brains are female stuff are papers like this:

      The microstructure of white matter in male to female transsexuals before cross-sex hormonal treatment. A DTI study
      Journal of Psychiatric Research
      Volume 45, Issue 7, July 2011, Pages 949–954

      To start, small numbers, 19 M2T, 18 male, 18 female. What is agreed is that:
      “male controls have greater gray and white matter
      as well as CSF volumes than female controls.”
      The hat-size thing.

      Dodgy bit next — as far as I can see without going through a whole load of other papers, they used the controls to decide on the brain regions that differed between the sexes (whar was actually measured was something called fractional anisotropy, which tells you basically how aligned the white-matter fibres are). With such small numbers, look at enough regions, you’ll probably find something by chance if nothing else.

      THEN they looked at the same regions for M2T, and surprise, surprise, they lay in-between the values for the male controls and female controls.

      Except this, to me is well dodgy! Because they used the SAME controls for their training set (i.e. which regions shall we look at as giving us the best separation between males and females), as they used for their test set (i.e. are the results different for M2T compared to controls. If they had used a different test set of males and females, that would have confirmed one thing — that the regions they had identified were really different between males and females when theyapplied it to the brains of males and females that weren’t used to decide which regions should be looked at (i.e. the are males ‘different’ from females in the first place question. Then once you’d determined that, then you could look at the brains of M2T.

      Either way, paper itself concludes that M2T values are different from both control males and control females. NOT the M2T have female brains stuff, admits that occurs during brain maturation (brains are very plastic!), and let’s hope they’ve got it right when they say that NONE of their M2Ts had taken ANY hormones (not being on official treatment regimes doesn’t mean they weren’t on unofficial hormones).

      So, small numbers, complicated conclusions, and dodgy methods, and this gets misinterpreted as M2Ts have brains indistinguishable from female controls. Wrong.

      O, and just to add, science doesn’t PROVE anything (that’s maths), and even in this area, one little paper like this does not a scientific concensus make. Anatomists have been arguing for YEARS about how female brains are suposedly different from male brains, and diffusion tensor imaging studies are just the newest, shiniest tool in the box. And anway, very little of the STATISTICAL differences between females and males are DIAGNOSTIC — that is, although mean values may be different, there is a lot of overlap, and you can’t use that result to determine whether a given brain is male or female with any degree of certainty. Height or hat-size would probably give you a much better result than any snazzy white-matter imaging study.

  5. oh … AllyHat AllyHat AllyHat!

    Good gawd, these people are so used to denying truth and reality, and the fact that so many have bought into the whole trans playact, they think they can deny truth and reality about everything else too.

    You are a dumbass AllyHat.

  6. doublevez · ·

    The more I think about that vid, the more I believe what they did is actionable.

    Good morning Cathy. I hope the new day and the warm arms of your little children sustain you.

  7. Cathy,I just want to say thank you for standing your ground and speaking up for lesbians and all other women who value male-free spaces. You kept your cool throughout even though you had to deal with that privileged little white male screeching in your face.
    As someone who quit her job because of sexual harassment two months ago, without any justice or recourse and certainly no chance of standing up for myself, I think that little twerp is a fucking lunatic to bandy that term about without having the slightest clue what it means.
    Responding to your joke (while you’re being accosted by an angry group of males) with the accusation that you are sexually harrassing him is the DEFINITION OF PRIVILEGE. I’d love to see what happens to him if one day he is actually sexually harrassed by a predatory male. He might spontaneously combust from shock.

  8. cherryblossomlife · ·

    Cathy, Thank you for standing up for male-free spaces. I think your behaviour was examplary throughout, even though you had to deal with that privileged little white prick screaming in your face.
    As someone who quit my job two months ago because of sexual harrassment my jaw dropped when I heard those words come out of that boy’s mouth, simply because you made a joke about wanting him and the rest of the bullies to back off. The fact that he thinks your joke has got ANYTHING to do with sexual harrassment proves that he is not only a lunatic, but the EMBODIMENT OF PRIVILEGE.
    If, one day, he actually was sexually harrassed in the same way that real women regard the term, he would probably spontaneously combust with the stress of it– because he has no idea what we have to deal with day in day out.

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  10. moonieuni · ·

    I know it’s old news but that hat is atrocious.

  11. Anonymous · ·

    “Plus, since trans women (especially young transitioners, i.e. me) identify as female their whole lives and are neurologically almost identical to cis females their whole lives, they react to socialization designed for females, and tune out that designed for males.”

    Allyson Clarke identified as Thomas Clarke until the end of junior year, when Thomas simultaneously began identifying as African-American and a lesbian. Before then, Thomas had unironically identified himself as being “part-cat.”

    1. Not impressed. · ·

      Allyson/Thomas Clarke is obviously just an outcast loser who finally found a community who will accept literally anybody, and has done this twice. Once with the disgusting furry community, and now with the no standards trans community.

      Fuck that idiot.

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