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Ruth Barrett Responds

My response to the request to boycott the Michigan Festival.  April 11, 2013 Dear Community Sisters and Performers of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, I want to give Alyson Palmer a standing ovation for her brilliant and eloquently crafted letter in response to the trans-activist’s call to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival performers to boycott […]

Letter to the Community

April 11, 2013   Letter to the Community   On March 28, an activist named Red Durkin posted a petition on Change.org asking artists and attendees to boycott the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival until organizers fully and openly welcome all self-identified women.  This petition has intensified a long-running debate about and within the Festival, a […]

It Starts With P…

NGLTF used to recognize women-only space and didn’t actively and relentlessly seek to destroy it. What happened? Trans happened. Trans activists have turned women-only space as something akin to Nazism or the KKK.

A Comment Worth Reading Regarding the Atrocious Ms. Magazine Trans Feminist Bloggers Piece

By Gender Slayer Thank you for these interviews. One question I have after reading them is – why does transfeminism contain the word “feminism”? Feminism is about liberation of FEMALES/WOMEN from the system of MALE dominance (patriarchy), so I would expect any term containing the word “feminism” to have at least *some* connection to females […]