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Men + Men = Men

  Why I won’t be talking about abortion as a “women’s issue” anymore, Lori Adelman Whipping Girl, Julia Serano Joelle Ruby Ryan, Overall Clown Tumblr HEY! BOTH REPUBLICANS AND TRANS ACTIVISTS SPEND A LOT OF TIME TELLING WOMEN HOW WE SHOULD THINK! THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE.

What About The Men?

I am an avid reader of your blogs (I think I sent you a FB message once saying something to the effect of “keep fighting the good fight”). I was wondering if you might write up a post some day on how lay men who are not part of this particular struggle can be allies […]

A Comment Worth Reading Regarding the Atrocious Ms. Magazine Trans Feminist Bloggers Piece

By Gender Slayer Thank you for these interviews. One question I have after reading them is – why does transfeminism contain the word “feminism”? Feminism is about liberation of FEMALES/WOMEN from the system of MALE dominance (patriarchy), so I would expect any term containing the word “feminism” to have at least *some* connection to females […]