Moar Violent Queers

Wow, the Queers are relentless in exposing how violent they are.

whorefagThis is someone called “whore fag” on Tumblr.

One of these delightful people…

tumblr_md779kR6PP1r6dvl0o1_1280 tumblr_md8m7ioSQv1r6dvl0o1_1280Queer Theory: It has nothing to do with Actual Gay people and Everything to do with Violent Men.


By the way, if you haven’t seen Rachel Ivey’s talk on gender, you should:


  1. In other words, “You are discriminating against me via your refusal to acknowledge my essential womenness, so I’m going to rape you.” Thanks for dredging this crap up. It can’t be pleasant wadimg through all this slime.

    1. It’s deeply unpleasant. Thanks.

      1. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

        Hug from afar from Yisheng (ribbit). I’ve reported this user to Tumblr for violating TOS.

  2. I downloaded the video, so great!!!

    1. I watched Rachel’s video, and read some of the crap response about her being “smug” or whatever. She did good work with trying to get across how gender essentialism is about hurting women, and in an elegant and professional manner. Now she is getting attacked online by men who look like white male racist misogynists. They have pink hair instead of white hoods. Second verse same as the first.

      1. Yes, she is intelligent and thoughtful, but that’s not enough for transqueer activists, who have a compulsive need to destroy anything remotely feminist, as it “invalidates” them and their pink hair, somehow.

      2. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

        Any woman who is intelligent and confident is “smug” to these misogynist turds and thus is seen as deserving of hatred and violence. Who’s done this to me my whole life? Oh, right: MEN MEN MEN.

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    Second verse, same as the first.

  4. Marti386 · ·

    [Redacted Comment from a man named Martin Dirk. Martin believes he’s a woman. Yey YOU!
    IP address “” is located @ United States Ohio Cleveland]

    1. Marti386 · ·

      [Redacted comment from Martin Dirk, a creepy guy].

      1. Martin, I am not a guy. Sure, you “win.” Yey you!

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