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“Protecting” Marriage: It’s Not About The Children

“Marriage, the (unbalanced) union of a man and a woman, has served society Men well for thousands of years. Marriage is more than what adults Men want for themselves: an exchange of the female’s domestic service and sexual consortium in return for financial support that depends solely on the whims of the Man. It’s also about the next generation (of sexual servants). […]

When Will We Be Wed?

By the time you read this, Governor Martin O’Malley should have introduced the marriage equality bill to great fanfare in the Maryland General Assembly.  Maryland’s GLBT Community has been ramping up for this moment since the painful collapse of the marriage campaign in the House of Delegates in the 2011 session.  People in our community […]

Betting the Farm on Gay Marriage

Fifteen years ago, a University of Maryland law student named John Pucker worked diligently to promote marriage equality for gay folks. At that time, working to defeat anti-gay marriage bills took up most of the time Pucker’s Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Coalition (with its fantastic acronym “SSMAC”) dedicated to the cause. As a result of the […]